Stanley Krippner and Steven Pritzker will Teach Personal Mythology Workshop at Esalen May 18-20

Your personal myths—the hidden themes and stories of your life—could be subconsciously shaping the way you live today. Personal myths are generated from family, society, and your own experience. When you become aware of your guiding personal myths, you can examine them to determine whether they are more functional than dysfunctional. This process can help you identify myths that no longer serve you, which reduces the power they have to influence your thinking and decisions.


This workshop is based on the award-winning book The Mythic Path, written by David Feinstein and Stanley Krippner.

You will participate in a series of personal rituals designed to help you scrutinize your own myths in light of the culture (or cultures) in which you grew up. We’ll embark on a five-stage process of discovery using psychodrama, writing, dreamwork, and artwork to journey into the past and possible futures, and we’ll explore how personal myths affect each moment of the present.

Join us for an opportunity to understand more about yourself, which may help you develop options that have the potential to change your life. If you’ve taken this course at Saybrook University or at a workshop elsewhere, you know how powerful it can be so recommend the experience to friends who you think may find it helpful. Discovering the guiding stories of your past can help you create a vision for your future.

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Personal Mythology is an elective in both the M.A. and PhD in Psychology with a Specialization in Creativity Studies at Saybrook University. For additional information go to these links: