Saybrook Alumnus Dr. Ken Bausch (Ph.D. ’98) Releases New Publication Body Wisdom in Dialogue: Rediscovering the Voice of the Goddess

Ken Bausch has co-authored the just published Body Wisdom in Dialogue: Rediscovering the Voice of the Goddess.

Body Wisdom in Dialogue

Did you ever stop to consider how magical, mystical, and genuinely spiritual the practice of dialogue can be? Not debate, of course. Debate is a win-lose contest, and it draws circles around winners and losers which divide us and foster ill will. I am speaking specifically about the type of conversations – reflective deliberations – that we share with others in a circle of trust. Body Wisdom in Dialogue is a guide book for understanding the feelings that enable and sustain heartfelt discussions. Collective conversation is an ancient art which has been sustained within tribal cultures. For this reason, the book opens with a preface from the Americans for Indian Opportunities providing a view into the sacred dialogues of indigenous democracy….

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