Social Transformation professor Marc Pilisuk encourages action on rising student debt levels

by Marc Pilisuk

Student loan debt has surpassed one trillion dollars, exceeding the total of credit card debt in our country. Yet unlike other types of debt, student loans cannot be used as a reason for declaring bankruptcy. Many Saybrook students – like students everywhere – are adversely affected by crushing levels of student debt.

For those who may be interested, a piece of legislation entitled The Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012 (H.R. 4170) is hoping to address this pressing issue. Demonstrating the depth of concern, a petition in support of H.R. 4170 surpassed ONE MILLION SIGNATURES. Within weeks Congress will likely be voting on this bill and  still more signatures are needed if the bill is to be considered.  As a member of the Social Transformation faculty I have long encouraged people to participate in social action, especially when the consequences affect them directly. If you believe that debt forgiveness is worth considering you can find the petition and more information on the website.