Dr. Curt Lindberg to Address “Complexity and Integrative Health Care Systems” — School of MBM Videoconference with Curt Lindberg, PhD, on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 5:30 PM Pacific

Dr. Curt Lindberg, Consultant on Complexity in Health Care Systems
Dr. Curt Lindberg, Consultant on Complexity in Health Care Systems


On October 22, Dr. Curt Lindberg will make an online video presentation for the School of Mind-Body Medicine: “Complexity and Integrative Health Care Systems.”

Join MBM Chair Donald Moss and the Health Care Systems Specialization faculty for an interactive conversation with Curt Lindberg.  Dr. Lindberg holds a doctorate in complexity and organizational change, and has a long term record of service in healthcare administration and consulting.  Currently director of the Billings Clinic Partnership for Complex Systems and Healthcare Innovation, he is recognized for bringing complexity science concepts to healthcare.  Both on an organizational scale and at the individual practitioner’s level, he is committed to fostering health care change for by changing healthcare systems.

During our conversation, Dr. Lindberg will recount his complexity-based approach from his multiple perspectives as senior hospital administrator, consultant, and change agent.  He will describe how his approach introducing a complexity-based approach parallels our current movement to integrate mind-body approaches into conventional healthcare.   In addition, complexity concepts provide opportunities for repositioning clinical practice:  understanding physiological differences between individuals, appreciating the systems interaction of each client/patient in their family and environment, and implementing a patient-centered reorientation on a system-wide basis.

This discussion will be interactive and offer participants a chance to ask questions and further the discussion.  Those wishing to deepen their experience of the videoconference are directed to read beforehand an online document adapted from Edgeware: Lessons from Complexity Science for Health Care Leaders by Zimmerman, Lindberg, and Plsek at URL: http://bit.ly/1b9gmi2

Call-In Information: Please call 866-283-7550 for an audio connection. Then turn on your webcams and use the URL below to make the Adobe Connect videoconference connection.

URL:  http://connectpro97871500.adobeconnect.com/mbmvideoconferencecurtlindberg/