Saybrook University graduate Thaïs Mazur operates the Karuna Center for Mindful Engagement

Thaïs Mazur (far right) at The Karuna Center

Thaïs Mazur (far right) at The Karuna Center


Thaïs Mazur earned her PhD in Human Science from Saybrook University, and serves as an adjunct instructor for Saybrook’s College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences.

Since graduating from Saybrook University’s doctoral program and studying mind-body medicine, Thaïs Mazur, Ph.D. has co-founded The Karuna Center for Mindful Engagement.  On a 160-acre farm in Hawaii, the Karuna Center is dedicated to teaching ways to live and work in the world that embrace meaningful, effective, and compassionate action.  Dr. Mazur currently directs a project that focuses on merging integrative health and environmental responsibility in order to build the capacity of community members to understand the intersection of place and society and support individual and global health.

Dr. Mazur also works in collaboration with The Fukushima Kids Project.  Through this project, families and children from the nuclear disaster area around Fukushima, Japan visit the farm to take a break from the radiation exposure and greatly improve their chance of growing up cancer-free.  The Karuna Center for Mindfulness also offers workshops on the farm to help stimulate a deeper and more intimate relationship with nature.  These workshops teach natural principles of mutual support between humans and ecological systems, thus empowering individuals to rebuild the world from the ground up.

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