Envision Your Future

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What do you want to do after you obtain your graduate degree? What kind of program will best align with your career and professional goals?

Do you see yourself working with individuals, organizations, or both? Do you see yourself working in government or with non-profits to change public policy? Do you want to work in a global environment? Are you committed to a career in higher education? Do you have a specific idea or topic you want to study and explore?

Our graduate programs offer multiple ways to get you where you want to be and to prepare you with the skills you need to adapt and reinvent yourself for your future. Use the table below to find the programs that interest you the most. Over the course of your lifetime, a Saybrook education will enable you to follow many paths other than those indicated here, but this table will help guide you toward the "next step" on your path. Our graduates are pursuing successful careers in all of these fields and many more.

Program Working with Individuals Working with Organizations Working to Change Public Policy Working in Global Environments Working in Higher Education
MA Management Specialization in Global Workforce Collaboration    
MA Organizational Systems      
PhD Organizational Systems
MA Leadership & Organization Development (LIOS)      
MA Leadership of Sustainable Systems      
PhD Leadership of Sustainable Systems  
Program Individuals Groups Policy Global Higher Ed
MS Integrative & Functional Nutrition
MS Mind-Body Medicine      
PhD Healthcare Practice  
PhD Healthcare Research    
PhD Healthcare Systems  
PhD Integrative Mental Health    
Program Individuals Groups Policy Global Higher Ed
MA Counseling (LIOS)      
MA/MFT/PCC Marriage & Family Therapy (licensure)      
PhD Clinical Psychology (licensure)  
Program Individuals Groups Policy Global Higher Ed
MA Human Science      
PhD Human Science
MA Psychology      
PhD Psychology
MA Consciousness, Spirituality & Integrated Health      
PhD Consciousness, Spirituality & Integrated Health    
MA Creativity Studies      
PhD Creativity Studies    
MA Existential, Humanistic, & Transpersonal Psychology        
PhD Existential, Humanistic & Transpersonal Psychology      
MA Jungian Studies        
PhD Jungian Studies      
MA Transformative Social Change    
PhD Transformative Social Change