Working in Higher Education

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Are you interested in pursuing or advancing your career in higher education? Do you have creative ideas for addressing the challenges facing today's students, teachers, and administrators? 

Anne MacRae, a Saybrook graduate, is just one of our many alumnae working in higher education. She has served as the Post-Professional Program Director at San Jose State University, where she is a professor of Occupational Therapy, and has received major professional commendations, including multiple Fulbright Awards. She’s worked with the University of Malta to develop its Occupational Therapy program, and with Malta’s Ministry of Health to improve services to the mentally ill in that country. She’s also a practicing therapist, with both national and state certifications, who has worked with hospitals, non-profits, and in private practice.

“Saybrook is a much better match for people who want to delve into practice and theory based on their own experience. I had some extraordinary professors who understood that their students already brought something important to the table." 
—Anne MacRae

Here are some of the types of careers our programs support if you want to work in higher education:

  • Community college administrator
  • Community college faculty
  • Admissions director
  • University president
  • Professor
  • Adjunct faculty
  • Graduate faculty
  • University administrator
  • Author/writer

Saybrook University graduates are pursuing successful and satisfying professions in these and many other careers.

For example, Kirwan Rockefeller, also a Saybrook graduate, serves as director of arts and humanities for the University of California/Irvine’s extension program.  A great-great-grandnephew of oil magnate John D. Rockefeller, he worked in both the entertainment and corporate worlds.

"I had experience in the public, corporate, and nonprofit worlds, and I saw them converging. But I needed more training to be competitive in that world, and I needed more of an interdisciplinary background. Getting a Ph.D. is as much about personal development as about professional achievement. It helped me become the person I wanted to be --- the person I knew I could be. But I didn't know how to get there. Saybrook helped me find the way, and it expanded my mind. That's ultimately what education is about --- expanding your world and becoming the person you want to be."
—Kirwan Rockefeller