Working with Organizations

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Do you want to work in a business, governmental, or not-for-profit organizations to effect change and improvement? Do you want to start your own business? Are you committed to building socially responsible and sustainable institutions and organizational practices? Each of our departments: Department of Leadership and Management; Department of Mind-Body Medicine; Department of Integrative and Functional NutritionDepartment of Counseling; and Department of Humanistic and Clinical Psychology offers programs to provide the skills and professional training you need or enhance those you already have in a variety of fields and industries.

Consider Saybrook Organizational Systems alumnus and faculty, Gary Metcalf, who is a successful independent consultant and researcher for global companies like IKEA. He has also served as president of the International Society for the Systems Sciences and a vice president of the International Federation for Systems Research. Metcalf says the work that most interests him is the classes he holds at the Federal Executive Institute of the U.S. government, where he trains the top levels of the federal civil service. 

"I didn't just get an education at Saybrook, I got a transformation. It let me expand and explore not just my ideas but myself, it opened up new ways of thinking that let me think differently – permission to explore new ideas and new ways of approaching things that was of real value for me." 
—Gary Metcalf

Here are just a few of the types of careers our programs support if you want to work with organizations:

  • Non-profit director/manager
  • Business executive/administrator
  • Entrepreneur/business owner
  • Hospital administrator
  • Mental health agency administrator
  • Local government manager
  • Consultant
  • Emergency management trailblazer
  • Community leader
  • Pharmaceuticals industry researcher

Saybrook graduates are pursuing successful and satisfying professional livelihoods in these and many other careers.

For example, Saybrook Organizational Systems alumna Lois Koteen developed a national consulting practice working with synagogues to transition from the past to the future by holding on to their core values while appealing to people who are increasingly treating spirituality as if it were a trip to the mall.

"I really liked Saybrook's humanistic approach to all of the disciplines. Faculty have been mentors: they have pushed me to places I never thought I could go. The one-on-one opportunities that Saybrook offers are wonderful."  
—Lois Koteen