The Saybrook Difference

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The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Saybrook University aligns its academic programs to provide an intellectual and scholarly home for each of our five core fields of study. These five departments each have explicit career and professional outcomes:

Focused on Career and Professional Outcomes

Our model empowers you with: 

  • A complete, seamless, support and advisement system from inquiry through graduation.
  • Many opportunities for interdisciplinary study, coursework integration, and collaboration.
  • Educational practice, teaching, and learning that focuses on you, your questions and your scholarly practice in the context of rapidly changing knowledge.
  • Development of a scholar-practitioner academic culture that consistently integrates advanced scholarly work with applied skills.
  • An emphasis on enabling you to become more effective as a change agent in your chosen profession, seeking to develop new modes of practice and service.

The five department structure governs all admissions as of Fall 2015. Rest assured, however, that whenever you enter Saybrook, you will receive the same high-quality academic content and faculty engagement that Saybrook is known for.

Interested in knowing more about plans for the future? Check out the Saybrook University Strategic Agenda 2012-16.