New Strategic Agenda

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Fellow Saybrookians:

It is with pleasure and pride that I present to you the newly finalized official draft of the University’s 2012-2016 Strategic Agenda.

The Strategic Agenda – which represents where Saybrook wants to be in the future – was developed by the University Council, a process that goes back to early 2011. The University Council is made up of myself, the University Vice-Presidents, academic program representatives, the Faculty Senate, and representatives from the university staff. Everyone on this body is encouraged to consult with and poll their communities, and drafts of the Strategic Agenda were circulated prior to going to the Board.

It was, in short, a widely collaborative process. It was also, I believe, a very successful one.  

The Strategic Agenda is unblinking in its evaluation of how the landscape of higher education is changing – and of what we need to do to survive and thrive. This means prioritizing our goals, establishing clear objectives, and tracking our progress on their achievement.

Following this Strategic Agenda, we will be looking to make concrete gains, such as new program opportunities and more scholarships, giving Saybrook a more solid foundation for future growth. I hope you’ll agree with me that through this document we are taking on substantive issues that matter to every part of our community.

As always, I remain grateful for your input.

Mark Schulman