Bob Flax



Bob Flax

Director of Research

CSS Transformative Social Change
Saybrook University

Bob Flax, Ph.D. is a psychologist, organization development consultant, activist, and teacher. He is the Co-Director of Research at Saybrook University, teaches Overview of Transformative Social Change Interventions (TSC 6615) and works with students on independent studies, theses, essays, and dissertations in the areas of global governance and psychotherapist skill development. He is also available to consult with students in the areas of Citizen Diplomacy, Conflict Resolution, Holistic Health, Intentional Communities, Organizational Culture, Prison Reform, Psychotherapy Integration, Research, Restorative Justice and Spiritual Practice.

Bob is on the board of the Democratic World Federalists, on the Council of the World Federalist Movement, and on the Board of Citizens for Global Solutions Bob has a B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy from New York University, an M.A. in Psychology from Long Island University, an M.A. in Organization Development from Sonoma State University, a Ph.D. in Psychology from Saybrook Institute, and a Certificate in Global Affairs from New York University.

Bob began his career as a psychotherapist in the late 1970's and worked in hospital, clinic, correctional, and private practice settings. His initial work focused on psychotherapy integration and therapist growth and development. From his 16-year experience working in the prison system and traveling internationally he was struck by the way large systems contribute to human suffering. As a result he pursued training in organization development and conflict resolution, expanding his focus to include organizational, community and global systems. This led to his current involvement with the World Federalist movement - an effort to create a democratically elected, global federal government, capable of ending war and responding to today's most pressing problems.

As a Therapist, Bob worked at the Boerum Hill Rehabilitation Residence, the Marin County Psychiatric Emergency Services, the Bay Area Depression & Anxiety Treatment Center, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and in private practice. He trained at the New Institute for Gestalt Therapy, The New York Society for Erickson Psychotherapy and Hypnosis, the Contextual Therapy Center, The Bay Area Depression and Anxiety Treatment Center and numerous workshops and seminars in a variety of therapeutic approaches.

As an Administrator/Supervisor, Bob managed the East/West Center for Holistic Health, founded and directed the Contextual Psychotherapy Associates, supervised the residential program at Westside Lodge, co-directed the Bay Area Depression & Anxiety Treatment Center, coordinated a graduate program in Clinical Psychology at Sierra University, and served as a Supervisor with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

As an Educator, Bob has been on the faculty of LaGuardia Community College, Sierra University, William Lyon University, John F. Kennedy University, and The Professional School of Psychology. He has taught courses and workshops in psychology, organization development, research and social change. He has also conducted workshops nationally in therapeutic effectiveness.

As a Consultant, Bob has conducted organizational development, leadership, and communications training programs for a number of organizations ranging from small non-profits to IBM.

As a Social Change Agent, Bob has been involved in prison reform, building intentional communities, conflict resolution, and citizen diplomacy/humanitarian work in Nepal and Burundi.

Bob lives in a cohousing community in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys outdoor adventure activities and swing dancing. He also maintains a meditation practice.