Carleen Phelps



Carleen Phelps

Department Chair

Mind-Body Medicine
Saybrook University
Office Phone
Email [email protected]

Carrie serves as Chair of the Department of Integrative Wellness Coaching for Saybrook University's College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences. In 2016 Carrie was the Director of Membership and Resource Development for the National Wellness Institute (NWI). Prior to being hired with NWI, she served as a Redbrick Health Coach at Cisco's LifeConnections Health Center, an innovative onsite medical facility that offers a new medical model of integrated care that treats the whole person. In 2013 she co-founded a wellness consulting firm called Intrinsic Connection, LLC. For over 20 years, Carrie served as a consultant and provided leadership for the development and implementation of national wellness initiatives that involved YMCAs throughout the US.

Carrie earned her PhD in Mind-Body Medicine (with a specialization in healthcare and organizational systems) at Saybrook University's School of Mind-Body Medicine. Her research interest includes the study of the lived experience of individuals with type 2 diabetes who have sustained successful lifestyle change and achieved long-term positive health outcomes. Carrie currently serves on faculty for the Center for Mind-Body Medicine where she trains healthcare professionals in evidence-based mind-body medicine approaches to health and healing. Additionally, she is a board certified coach with a specialization in wellness and life coaching.

Ultimately, Carrie seeks to help create what she calls "the next evolution of health promotion" that energizes well-being, fosters fulfillment, expands potential, and enriches lives.

Areas of Expertise
Area Expertise
Coaching Health and Wellness Coaching
Life Coaching
Health Psychology Health and Wellness
Integrative Medicine Mindfulness and Meditation
Organization development
Leadership and Management
Leadership & Management Organizational Change and Transformation
Education History
Degree Institution Year
BS Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 1988
MA Denver University, Denver, CO 1990
PhD Saybrook University, Oakland, CA 2014
Professional Memberships
Role Organization
Former Board Member National Wellness Institute
Member National Wellness Institute
Member International Consortium Health and Wellness Coaching
Faculty Center for Mind-Body Medicine
Curriculum Vitae
Title Location Date
Heartfulness: Mindfulness with Heart National Wellness Conference 2016
Celebrating Successful Lifestyle Change: A Detailed Look at the Lived Experience of 8 Individual Cases National Wellness Conference 2015
Intrinsic Connection: How to Cultivate Lasting Motivation and Sustained Health Outcomes National Wellness Conference 2014
Heart Rate Variability: A Tool for Health Coaching, Health Promotion, and Wellness Education National Wellness Conference 2014
Energizing Emotion: Mind-Body Coaching Skills that Help Clients Celebrate and Transform Emotion National Wellness Conference 2013
Contrary to Popular Practice: Building Wellness Programs for the 21st Century National Wellness Conference 2013
Cornerstones of Coaching: Foundational Skills and Tools for Wellness Professionals National Wellness Conference 2012
Mindfulness: A Multi-Dimensional Presence that Deepens the Coaching Experience National Wellness Conference 2012
Coaching Fundamentals: Practice Skills and Tools for Wellness Coaches National Wellness Conference 2012
Tapping in to Intrinsic Motivation: The Key to Personal Transformation National Wellness Conference 2011
Circle of Life Coach Certification Course National Wellness Conference 2010
Mind-Body Medicine: Biofeedback and Autogentic Training National Wellness Conference 2010
Mindfulness: The Lights are on and Someone is Home National Wellness Conference 2010
The Science of Heart-Brain Coherence National Wellness Conference 2008
Mind-Body Medicine: Holistic Practices for Health and Well-being National Wellness Conference 2005
Hardwired to Connect: A Scientific Case for Connection National Wellness Conference 2004
Professional Skills
Coaching, Wellness, Mind-Body Medicine, Integrative Medicine