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Kathia Castro Laszlo, Ph.D. is Core Faculty at the Department of Leadership and Management at Saybrook University. She is an international educator, researcher, consultant and executive coach committed to facilitate transformational processes that lead to cultural healing and social innovation. She teaches in the Cross Sector Leadership Program at the Presidio Institute of San Francisco and is a certified coach in the Leadership Circle Profile. She has taught leadership, organizational development and strategy in several sustainability oriented business schools in North America and Mexico. Her interdisciplinary research, publications and consulting work spans the fields of systems thinking, organizational change, leadership, and design for innovation. Her work expands systems thinking into systems being by integrating feminine, multicultural and experiential ways of knowing and relating. She is engaged in action-research on the design of new business and organizational models that support authentic leadership and collaboration for social impact. Through her understanding of adult learning, group creativity, and dialogue, Kathia has facilitated numerous learning and design processes in business, academic, nonprofit and community contexts in North America, Latin America and Europe and has coached hundreds of socio-ecological entrepreneurs seeking to blend business, ethical responsibility and higher purpose. Kathia is holder of a BA in Marketing, a M.Ed. in Cognitive Development and a Ph.D. in Human Science with specialization in Social and Institutional Change from Saybrook University which she earned as a Fulbright Scholar from Mexico. Kathia shares her thoughts through her blog www.MagentaWisdom.net.

Areas of Expertise
Area Expertise
Coaching Executive and Career Coaching
Consciousness & Spirituality Studies Spirituality
Creativity Studies Creativity
Collaborative Systems
Corporate Social Responsibility
Leadership Approaches and Practices
Organizational Change and Transformation
Leadership & Management Social Entreprenuership
Social Innovation
Transformative Learning
Alternative Socioeconomic Models
Interdependence and Social Healing
Social Change Interventions
Transformative Social Change Sustainability and Ecology
Education History
Degree Institution Year
Ph.D. Saybrook Graduate School, San Francisco 2000
M.Ed. Tecnologico de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico 1995
B.A. Marketing Tecnologico de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico 1992
Professional Memberships
Role Organization
Member International Society for the Systems Sciences
Leadership Circle Profile Certification (approved International Coach Federation), Emeryville, CA
Community Involvement
Role Organization
Board Member Mycelium School
Curriculum Vitae

Emerging educational possibilities: A social innovation perspective


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