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Marina Smirnova


Humanistic and Clinical Psychology
Saybrook University
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Dear Creative Beings,

My name is Marina Aleksandrovna Smirnova. I was born on Sakhalin island--the Far East of Russia--and made Michigan my home. My personal and professional journey has been enriched by earning a Bachelor degree in Music Education (Minsk State Pedagogical University, 1996), a Master of Arts degree in Counseling (Central Michigan University, 2003), and a PhD degree in Psychology, with Transpersonal Psychology Concentration (Sofia University, formerly Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, 2013). I am honored to serve as a teacher and as a transpersonal collaborator, facilitator, and guide.

In January of 2014, I began my contribution as Saybrook adjunct faculty. In August of 2016, I became Assistant Program Director for the Department of Humanistic and Clinical Psychology (HCP); in June of 2017--an Interim Psychology Chair (HCP). Presently, I serve as Psychology Faculty (HCP).

I am an ardent and, at times, formidable learner, teacher, facilitator, explorer, believer, and seeker. While cherishing creative pathways to knowledge, to wholeness, and to a holy life, I cultivate and encourage in-spirit-ed ways of becoming and of being in and giving to the world and to Saybrook. I experience, perceive, and intuit Creativity as living streams that imbue all arts and sciences with their ever-present brilliance, audaciousness, unfathomable depths, and abundance.

I deeply value and honor Charismatic Christianity (Spirit-filled Christianity). I am interested in Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance ministry and service; the Work of the Holy Spirit, the Gift of the Spirit, and the Fruit of the Spirit; Prayer; transpersonal and Jungian psychologies; transpersonal approaches to inquiry; epigenetics; mythopoetics and archetypal work; guided imagery; dreamwork; embodied spirituality; and other modalities that creatively engage individual and collective healing potentials-resources and galvanize pathways to individuation, wholeness, and holy living.

With Warmth and Joy,


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Areas of Expertise
Area Expertise
Consciousness & Spirituality Studies Consciousness Studies / Altered States of Consciousness
Personal Mythology
Dream Studies Dream Studies
Education History
Degree Institution Year
Bachelor in Music Education Minsk M. Tank Pedagogical University, Minsk, Belarus 1996
Master of Arts in Counseling Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan 2003
PhD in Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology Concentration Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (now Sofia University), Palo Alto, California 2013
Professional Memberships
Role Organization
Member and ASCH-Approved Consultant American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH)
Member American Counseling Association (ACA)
APA, Division 30 Society of Psychological Hypnosis
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Michigan
Question and Answer
What advice would you give a student entering Saybrook University?

Trust your experiential process and honor your embodied ways of knowing in fulfilling your highest potentials.

Title Location Date
Smirnova, M. A., Willmarth, E., & Zarren, H. (2017, March). Galvanizing and Cultivating Wellness-Oriented Epigenetic Changes in Adolescents and in Adults Trough Mindful, Embodied Biopsychosocial-Spiritual Experiences in Clinical Hypnosis: A Practitioner’s Guide to Epigenetic Psychology Theory, Research, and Practice. Workshop co-presented at the 59th Annual American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) Scientific Meeting, Phoenix, AZ. March 2017
Smirnova, M. A. Archetypal Intelligence for Teachers and for the Art of Teaching. Workshop presented at the 23rd Annual Conference of the Midwest Institute for International/Intercultural Education, Schoolcraft College, Livonia, Michigan. April 2016
Smirnova, M. A., & Willmarth, E. Clinical hypnosis and gene expression modulation: Theoretical, clinical, and empirical Insights into the “top-down” pathways to healing and wholeness. Workshop co-presented at the 57th Annual American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) Scientific Meeting, Jacksonville, Florida. March 2015
Willmarth, E., & Smirnova, M. A. Mesmer, Music, and Movement: Integrative Approaches in Mind-Body Medicine. Workshop presented at the 55th Annual American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) Scientific Meeting, Louisville, Kentucky March 2013

Smirnova, M. A. (2014). Neurolinguistic psychotherapy: A postmodern perspective by Lisa Wake [Review of the book Neurolinguistic psychotherapy: A postmodern perspective, by L.Wake]. American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 56 (3), 308-309.


Smirnova, M. A. (2013). Atonement with the Dreadful Manifestations of the Sacred in Holotropic Breathwork: Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of the Breather’s Embodied Experience and the Meaning Arising Within and Out of It. (Doctoral Dissertation). Palo Alto, CA: Sofia University. .

Smirnova, M. (with Adams, Z., & Akhrymuk, S.). (2012). Research Edition Translation into Russian of TA-285-Body Insight Scale (BIS) by Rosemarie Anderson. Menlo Park, CA: Mind Garden. .

Professional Skills
(1) Transpersonal facilitator and a guide in the process of transformative exploration of consciousness, (2) Experienced educator, (3) American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) Approved Consultant in Clinical Hypnosis, (4) Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT) Certified Holotropic Breathwork practitioner and facilitator, (5) Transpersonal facilitator trained in shamanic healing arts and in embodied, heart-centered pathways to knowing, to healing, and to wholeness, and (6) Various orientations and modalities (including sound and vibrational healing) that engage the healing potentials of expanded states of consciousness and galvanize embodied, heart-centered ways of being in the world.