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Mary Kay Chess, PhD joined the Saybrook Leadership in Organizational Systems faculty team in July. She brings 30+ years of experience in healthcare leadership in multi-state urban and rural systems to our learning community. She believes that leadership is one of the most critical demands in healthcare for clinicians and administrators. The same is true for every industry. While serving as the COO for a 3-state healthcare system, she decided to explore change, transitions, complexity and leadership and in the process, completed her PhD in the area of transformational learning and change. Leveraging her expertise in intrapreneur, she most recently has over 11 years of experience in teaching and providing leadership in unique MBA programs requiring systems thinking, leadership and personal development, and an emphasis in sustainability and social justice. Many of the students she taught, mentored and coached are now valued colleagues and continuing to change our world.

Mary Kay is passionate about bringing individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests to formal and informal forums where each person is encouraged to join a dialogue, inquiry and thinking that is out-of-the-box and better yet, without a box. The issues facing us require collaboration, wisdom and kindness as well as critical thinking and skills in leading and managing. And yes, she is happy to say that she still also coaches astoundingly creative, values-driven and innovative leaders daring to find transitions and transformation invigorating and engaging. They accomplish this work in ways that are collaborative, wise and kind while grounded in sound business practices. She looks forward to continuing to steward this momentum with individuals and teams in start-ups, turn-arounds, and businesses of any size through her contributions to the PhD programs in Organizations Systems and the Certificate in Leadership.

And, if you are ever near Bainbridge Island outside of Seattle, please call and she will be happy to provide walks around this beautiful location and vibrant community.

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