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Monika Landenhamer

Adjunct Faculty

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CSS Leadership and Management
Saybrook University

I have been with Saybrook University since 2002. From 2002-2005, I served as Distance Education Librarian at Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center and helped developed and teach the first Information Competency course. In 2005, I became an independent academic coach, editor, and proofreader, served as a translator/editor for an esoteric psychology project, and continued to work with Saybrook's Library Director to further develop the Information Competency course and review assignments. From 2009, I taught the Information Competency and Library Use Course for the School of Mind Body Medicine and the School of Organizational Leadership and Transformation and, in Spring 2013, I have added the academic writing instructions to my portfolio. I taught the Information Competency course and the Graduate Academic Writing course for the Department of Leadership and Management (College of Social Sciences), and work now increasingly on publishing projects (articles and books).

Areas of Expertise
Area Expertise
Consciousness & Spirituality Studies Religion and Psychology
Curriculum Vitae

Personality and Consciousness in Buddhist Philosophy

Information Access in Restricted Societies

Computer-Human Interaction and Searching


Edson, M., Buckle Henning, P., & Sankaran, S. (2016). Guide to systems research: Philosophy, processes and practice. Singapore: Springer.


Landenhamer, M. (1997). Information in isolation: The case of the Republic of Singapore and the Union of Myanmar. Masters Abstract International, 1384702. 35 (05).

Landenhamer, M. (1989). Personality in Theravada Buddhism. Masters Abstract International, 1338983. 28 (03).

Professional Skills
editing, proofreading, coaching for academic writing