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Alumna Susan Gordon, PhD '07 Shares Coming Lecture Schedule

Alumna Susan Gordon recently wrote a paper for the Society of Asian and Comparative Philosophy based on her candidacy essay on Alan Watts. She says they loved it!

Susan's Coming Lectures:

Existential psychology and the meaning of human development. Society of Asian and Comparative Philosophy, Pacific Grove, CA (6/18-6/21/10)

Neurophenomenology: The mind and the brain. Division 52, APA, Western Psychological Association''s 90th Annual Convention, Fiesta Americana Condesa, Cancun, Mexico (4/22- 4/25/10)

Existential challenges of midlife - First Bi-Annual Existential Psychology East-West Conference, Nanjing, China (4/2-4/5/10)

Neurophenomenology: The mind and the brain. Mid-winter Meeting, Division 24, APA, Miami, FL (2/26-2/28/10)

Neurophenomenology and the enactive approach to cognition. Chair, Symposium, Point Park University, Pittsburgh, PA (2/20/10)

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