Alumnus Larry Honig, PhD ’07 Works on Proposal to Study the Quantitative and Qualitative Effects of Meditation and Neurofeedback

Alumnus Larry Honig, PhD ’07 completed his Post-Doctoral Residency in Counseling and Consulting Services in Tucson, AZ, and received his Psychology License in April of ‘09.

Larry is developing a private practice in psychotherapy and Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS); works part-time at Sierra Tucson doing psychological and neuropsychological testing; and does LENS at Mindworks Studio, which offers neurofeedback and brain training for the general public.

At Mindworks, Larry is working on a proposal to study the quantitative and qualitative effects of meditation and neurofeedback, seeing whether the addition of neurofeedback over 8 weeks to a daily meditation practice accelerates the process of spiritual and psychological growth.

Larry says that the EPPP, the national psychological licensing exam, may seem daunting, but is imminently doable. He advises one to acquire study materials and purchase the online sample exams, going through the content and taking the exams over and over until it seems as if one is memorizing the questions and playing psychological trivial pursuit. He wishes the best of success to all!