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Saybrook OS Department Chair Dr Nancy Southern to Present Free Webinar on Developing Leadership Skills, Feb 23, 8:30 AM


ICO Consulting presents a free webinar to develop leadership skills on February 23, 2011, at 8:30 a.m. Pacific Time

ICO Consulting, comprised of a team of experts in collaborating across distance and difference, is hosting an interactive webinar February 23, 2011, at 8:30 am Pacific Time. Presented by Nancy Southern, Ed.D., this webinar is designed to inspire and support your desire to create collaborative cultures wherever you work.

The webinar on February 23rd is part of a seminar series focused on collaborative leadership. ICO’s webinars bring participants together from across the US to learn skills that enhance decision-making and improve collaboration. The webinar February 23rd will explore the role culture plays in organizations and the role leaders can play to shape organizational culture. We will explore what is needed to build collaborative cultures and will provide a model for organizational change. The webinar will explain how to engage people in creating cultural change.

Dr. Southern has worked in the field of organization learning and development for over 20 years. She is the Department Chair of the Organizational Systems program at Saybrook University located in San Francisco and a faculty member in the sustainable MBA program at Bainbridge Graduate Institute in Washington State. Author of numerous articles, Dr. Southern has contributed to the development of both the Organizational Learning and the Transformative Learning communities.

Headquartered in Reno, NV, and comprised of team members from multiple locations in the West, ICO Consulting turns distance and differences into strengths through online services such as eBooks and webinars, online learning programs, and face-to-face engagements that include consulting, large- and small-group facilitation and public speaking.

To register for the webinar February 23, at 8:30 a.m., visit

Media Contact:
Dr. Bernice Moore (Saybrook Alumna, PhD '09), President
ICO Consulting

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Alumna Roxie McBride, MA '10 Recently Passed Away


Recent MA-MFT grad, Roxie McBride, MA '10 passed away December 30, 2010. She died of bone marrow myeloma within weeks of the cancer’s discovery. She was 56 years old and was happily married with 7 children.

From staff member, Susan Tunis: She was lovely, and she had worked so, so hard for her degree. She deserved a long and productive career; I’m sure she would have helped a lot of people.

The alumni association contacted her husband, Randy McBride, by phone and offered condolences on behalf of the Saybrook community.

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Alumnus Ken Bradford, PhD '89 Offers 8 Month Advanced Training in Existential-Contemplative Therapy


Authentic Presence: The Art of Psychotherapy
A Professional Course with Ken Bradford, PhD

An 8 Month Advanced Training in Existential-Contemplative Therapy

Berkeley, CA

Four Weekends, 36 Hours, $675, Dates TBA, April through December, 2011

Contact Ken Bradford for further information and a flyer:

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Alumna Karen Koepp, PhD '09 Offers Free Webinar for New Saybrook Students: Secrets of Graduate School Success


Secrets of Graduate School Success Free Webinar
Saturday, February 12 8:30 am PST

Learn and apply project management tools to help you achieve deep learning and maximum progress this semester. This 1-hour interactive workshop will guide you through a process of identifying semester goals and creating an effective semester strategy, including
Ø Self-management
Ø Priority management
Ø Support management
Ø Action planning

Instructor: Karen Koepp, Ph.D. Dr. Karen Koepp ‘09 received her doctorate in Psychology from Saybrook University. During her doctoral training, she focused on researching faculty and student perspectives on the challenges students experience during graduate school and how these challenges can be overcome. Dr. Koepp is the CEO of Koepp Research Corporation and has been coaching graduate students in completing their coursework, essays, theses, and dissertations for nearly 10 years. She also has written several workbooks to guide students through the research and writing process and has lectured on the topic of conducting research at Georgetown University and Pepperdine University. Before this work, she served in roles as a management consultant, project manager, and organization development consultant.

Please email or call 301-560-4746 for details on connecting to the webinar

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The Annual Meeting of the Society for Humanistic Psychology, April 14-18, will Feature the Symposium:The New Existentalists: A Revival in Existential Thought and Practice


The New Existentialists:
A Revival in Existential Thought and Practice

The annual meeting of the Society for Humanistic Psychology (Division 32 in the American Psychological Association) will be held April 14-18 at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. The Chicago Symposium will be on The New Existentalists: A Revival in Existential Thought and Practice

Existential psychology is undergoing a revival of interest spawned, in part, by innovations in existential thought and practice. The challenge of contemporary existential psychology is to honor its tradition while not being limited by it, to remain open to exploring new terrain. This panel includes 6 influential contemporary existential psychologists, all faculty at Saybrook University, discussing their contributions to revitalizing existential psychology. Dave Elkins , Pepperdine University, incoming President of the Society for Humanistic psychology, will be the Discussant.


I. Eugene Taylor – The New Existentialists
a. Why a “new” existential movement
II. Tom Greening
a. Existential Shattering
b. The Existential Orientation Survey
III. Louis Hoffman
a. Existential Psychology in an East-West Context
b. Clinical implications of in-digenous Chinese existential psychology
IV. Ed Mendelowitz
a. Relationship of psychology and psychotherapy to the humanities
b. How the arts and humanities inform clinical practice
V. Orah Krug
a. Overview of the Existential-Humanistic Training Program
b. Core concepts in Existential-Humanistic Therapy
VI. David Elkins
a. Discussant
VII. Questions and General Discussion

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Saybrook PHS Alumni to Host Alumni/Alumni-Student Dinners


The PHS Saybrook Alumni Association will be hosting dinners with Saybrook University President Dr Mark Schulman and PHS Director of Alumni Affairs Dr George Aiken in the coming months.

These dinners will be great opportunities to meet and hear from Dr. Schulman, and to reconnect with old Saybrook friends and meet new ones.

The dinners will be held in the following locations:

Orlando, FL Friday, February 18, 7 PM Alumni-Student Dinner
Ft Lauderdale, Fl Saturday, February 19, 6 PM Alumni-Student Dinner
Berkeley, CA Friday, March 18, 7 PM Alumni Dinner
Los Angeles, CA Saturday, April 2, 6 PM Alumni Dinner

Please RSVP for further information.

Alumni/Alumni-Student Dinners have been hosted in NY; Boston; Washington, DC; Prescott, Tucson, and Phoenix, AZ; and LA and San Diego, CA over the past year, and will be planned in other parts of the country in the near future.

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