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Saybrook Alumna Dr. Dana Klisanin Receives Media Psychology Award

Dr. Dana Klisanin

The Saybrook Alumni Association is pleased to announce that Saybrook Psychology Alumna Dr. Dana Klisanin (Ph.D. 2003) received the Division 46, Early Career Scientific Contribution to Media Psychology award, one of only three awards presented this year by the Media Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Klisanin is the founder of Evolutionary Guidance Media R&D, Inc., a research
organization focused on exploring the social and psychological impact of new media on individuals and society, particularly its ability to promote pro-social aims and facilitate the emergence of planetary consciousness. Dana has also pioneered research in the area of digital altruism, exploring the idea that people conscientiously and repetitively engaging in this behavior are harbingers of a new incarnation of the hero archetype she describes as the cyberhero.
Dr. Klisanin received her M.A. in Psychology in 2000 and her Ph.D. in Psychology in 2003, both from Saybrook University. Her doctoral dissertation was chaired by Bela Banathy, Sr. and was titled, Designing Media with Intent: Evolutionary Guidance Media for the Creation of Planetary Consciousness.
The Division 46 awards will be presented at the Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, August 2-5, 2012.

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A Journey to the Self in Assisi with Saybrook University Alumna Dr. Phyllis Clay

Phyllis Clay

Saybrook University Psychology Alumna, and founder and executive director of Synthesis International, Inc.  Dr. Phyllis Clay (Ph.D. 2011) will be offering a 4-day Journey to the Self at Casa Maria Immacolata in Assisi, Italy. Dr. Clay, a psychosynthesis guide and teacher, has also apprenticed with Don Oscar Miro Quesada, Peruvian curandero and master ceremonialist. Phyllis graduated from Saybrook University in 2011. Her dissertation was chaired by the late Dr. Jeanne Achterberg and was titled Understanding The Experiences Of Individuals Who Believe They Are Mentored By Someone Who Is No Longer Living.

In this workshop in June, participants will build upon ancient Inca cosmology and Roberto Assagioli’s map of human consciousness as they deeply explore the multiple levels of their own lives. This personal (and collective) journey will draw on the landscape of Assisi, as well as the lives and experiences of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi, to assist in this inner exploration. This rich multi-layering will provide opportunities for self-reflection and discovery. Using journaling, other expressive arts, and reflective conversation, participants will tell their own lives to themselves and to each other (as they choose) and will discover their Selves in the process.
A Journey to the Self
in the Landscape of Francis and Clare 
Assisi, Italy – 17-21 June 2012 
Facilitator and Journey Guide: Phyllis L. Clay, Ph.D.          
The workshop will begin at 2:00 p.m. Sunday, June 17, and will conclude at breakfast on Thursday, June 21. 
Registration: $1225
The registration fee for the Journey includes facilitation, all materials (with the exception of your personal journal), double occupancy lodging in lovely Casa Maria Immacolata [June 17-20], local transportation from our lodging to distant Journey sites, all breakfasts, three lunches, and all dinners. One lunch will be on your own. Limited single lodging may be available – inquire when registering.
To request registration materials or answers to your questions, please contact Phyllis  Clay: 
(816-935-1532 or 

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Saybrook Alumnus Dr. Rick Gilbert's New Publication Reveals the Secret to Effective Executive Presentations


According to an article in CNBC's Bullish On Books, written by Saybrook Psychology Alumnus Dr. Rick Gilbert, more than two thirds of middle level managers don’t know how to  present information at top-level meetings. They end up "shooting themselves in the foot." In his new book, Speaking Up: Surviving Executive Presentations, Dr. Gilbert describes how presentations done well can help the presenter "become a star and the company become more productive." 

After receiving a PhD in Psychology from Saybrook University in 1977, Dr. Gilbert worked for several  Silicon Valley technology companies, and eventually went on to start his own speech communication training company in 1985. His book Speaking Up: Surviving Executive Presentations explores the little known but critical skills necessary for middle level managers to succeed when giving top level presentations.
In 2011, Dr. Gilbert also published his Saybrook dissertation Jazz, Rock and Roll, and the Revolution in Psychotherapy, 1950-1975.
Click Here to read more from the CNBC article.


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Saybrook Alumnus Dr. Steven Kull Releases Results of New Public Opinion Study


Saybrook University Psychology Alumnus and Director of The Program for Public Consultation Dr. Steven Kull releases results of a new study in a public presentation, What Kind of Defense Budget Would the American Public Make?

Thursday, May 10, 2012                                                                                                         10:00-11:30 am

The Stimson Center       1111 19th Street, NW      12th Floor

In this presentation and in cooperation with other colleagues,  Dr. Kull will dicuss what average Americans would do if they were informed about the level and purposes of U.S. defense spending and had a chance to weigh the arguments that experts make. They will address the following questions: would the public boost overall funding, or cut it; would they spend more on air power or sea power; and how much would they say the US should spend on nuclear arms, on major ground forces, and on special forces? 

Most polls simply ask whether defense spending should be cut or not. But three organizations, ­ the Program for Public Consultation (PPC), the Stimson Center, and the Center for Public Integrity ­ collaborated on a more useful survey. They provided a representative sample of the American public neutral information about how funds are currently being spent, and exposed them to the various arguments made by advocates in the contemporary debate on whether defense should be cut. The respondents then said what they wished to spend in key areas.

The results of this innovative survey are now in, and Dr. Kull and his colleagues invite you to attend a presentation that will shed new light on the linkages ­ and gaps ­ between decisions being made in Washington and what average Americans want. The results will also make clear which arguments in favor of or opposed to current defense spending have the most resonance with members of the public. Please call 202-232-7500 for additional information.

Dr. Kull received his Ph.D. at Saybrook University in 1980. The chair of his dissertation was Dr. Stan Krippner. Dr. Kull is a political psychologist, is director of the Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA), which manages, and is a Senior Research Scholar at the Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland (CISSM), University of Maryland. He is also director of the Program for Public Consultation, which develops methods for governments to consult their publics on policy decisions. Dr. Kull has played a central role in the BBC World Service global poll, and regularly gives briefings to the US Congress, the State Department, the UN, and the European Commission. He appears frequently in the international media and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He recently completed a four-year study of the Muslim public, summarized in his newest book Feeling Betrayed: The Roots of Muslim Anger at America (Brookings).

* The Program for Public Consultation is a joint program of the Center for PolicyAttitudes and the School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland


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Saybrook Human Science Alumna Dr. K. Kevyne Baar Awarded New York University Outstanding Teaching Award


Saybrook University and the Saybrook Alumni Association are pleased to announce that Saybrook Human Science Alumna Dr. K. Kevyne Baar was awarded the New York University College of Arts and Science (CAS) Outstanding Teaching Award. The Dean wrote, "I am delighted to be able to congratulate you on winning [this award] in recognition of your excellence in undergraduate teaching."

Each year, New York University’s College of Arts and Science recognizes faculty for their outstanding contribution to learning in the classroom. This award goes to adjunct faculty who teach in any of the numerous departments that make up CAS. Professor Baar was nominated by students in her class, Women, the Entertainment Industry, and the Blacklist Era.  The criterion for this award includes teaching effectiveness, leadership in undergraduate education, and contribution to student advisement and mentoring.

Doctor Baar received her Ph.D. from Saybrook University in Human Science in 2006. Her dissertation was titled Investigating Broadway: The House Committee on Un American Activities Meets Members of the New York Theatre Community at the Foley Square Courthouse, August 15 18, 1955, which was chaired by Dr.Steven Pritzker.

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