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Saybrook University Alumnus and Faculty Member Dr. Bob Flax Named to World Federalist Movement's Governing Body

Dr. Bob Flax

Saybrook Psychology Alumnus Dr. Bob Flax (Ph.D. '92), also a faculty member and Chief Research Coordinator at Saybrook University's Graduate College of Psychology and Humanistic Studies, has been named to the governing body of the World Federalist Movement. The announcement was made at the WFM’s 26th annual conference in July. Founded in 1947 to support the efforts of the United Nations, the WFM is a worldwide organization dedicated to promoting peace and the global rule of law: it is the primary sponsor of the International Criminal Court and the U.N.’s “Responsibility to Protect” initiative, among other major global efforts.

The Vice-President of the Democratic World Federalists, Flax’s interest in global law and governance grew out of his work as a senior clinical psychologist for the California Department of Corrections, treating individuals, couples, families, and groups. He expanded his focus to include larger systems and studied organizational development and conflict resolution, and has worked to test these approaches in a wide range of settings, including businesses, non-profits, intentional communities, and the California State Prison system. Dr. Flax finally arrived at the next logical step – the way we work together as citizens of the world.

Bob lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a key faculty member in Saybrook’s program in Social Transformation, which offers a body of practical knowledge to support students who want to connect the library to the street in pursuit of meaningful social change.

Dr. Flax's Saybrook Doctoral Dissertation was titled, From Beginner to Master: Changes in the Ways of Being, Perceiving, and Practicing of Psychotherapists as They Acquire and Develop Clinical Skill, and was chaired by Dr. Tony Stigliano.

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Saybrook University Alumna Dr. Kirby Rosplock Completes International Study on Family Wealth

Dr. Kirby Rosplock

Saybrook University Organizational Systems Alumna Dr. Kirby Rosplock (Ph.D. '07) recently completed an international study exploring the relationship of the family office to the family business titled, The Sustaining the Family Enterprise Study.  Dr. Rosplock, Dr. Dianne H.B. Welsh at University of North Carolina Greensboro, Dr. Juan Roure at IESE Business School at the University of Navarra in Barcelona, Spain, and Prof. Juan Luis Segurado at IESE Business School at the University of Navarra in Barcelona, Spain have been working on this multi-phased study since 2008.

The Sustaining the Family Enterprise Study engaged 93 family members from around the globe whose combined wealth exceeds $20 Billion. The study explored the perceived impact of governance practices and process, along with entrepreneurial orientation, and their impact on sustainability of the family’s enterprise, according to Dr. Rosplock. Kirby is the Director of Research and Development in the Innovation and Learning Center at GenSpring Family Offices in Jupiter, FL.

The study is the first of its kind and provides new insights into the importance of how families make decisions and establish process in order to build continuity and cohesion. Further, findings on entrepreneurial orientation reveal that families take more risk and are more entrepreneurial with their operating business than with wealth management practices in their family office.  

Dr. Rosplock also spoke in San Francisco in April of 2012 about the growing influence of women on global wealth. Kirby is a director of her family's fourth-generation, traditionally male business. Kirby's Saybrook dissertation was titled, Women and Wealth: Women's Interest, Attitudes and Involvement With Their Wealth, which was chaired by Dr. Dennis Jaffe.

For  a copy of The Sustaining the Family Enterprise Study, or for further information, contact:

Kirby Rosplock, PhD                 

413 Meadowlark Ln.

Jupiter, FL 33458  

Cell: 414-491-6506    Email:



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Saybrook Alumnus Dr. Sil Machado Appointed to Core Faculty at the Sanville Institute

Dr. Sil Machado

The Saybrook Alumni Association and Saybrook University are proud to announce that Psychology Alumnus Dr. Sil Machado was recently appointed to the Core Faculty at the Sanville Institute for Clinical Social Work and Psychotherapy in Berkeley, CA.

Established in 1974, the Sanville Institute offers a PhD in clinical social work and a two-year certificate program in psychodynamic psychotherapy to masters-level licensed and pre-licensed clinicians. The Institute promotes clinical scholarship that integrates theory and practice. Largely focusing on contemporary psychodynamic theory and practice, the program is a dispersed model of learning for working professionals who seek the challenge of doctoral studies within a program that allows for individualized interests and perspectives. 
Dr. Machado received his Ph.D. from Saybrook in 2011. His dissertation titled, Gay Men And The Poetics Of Facing Negative Parental Reactions To The Disclosure Of Gay Identity, was chaired by Dr. Willson Williams.

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Saybrook University Alumna Dr. Hilarie Cash Asks, Should Internet Obsession be Considered an Addiction Disorder?

Dr. Hilarie Cash

Saybrook University Psychology Alumna Dr. Hilarie Cash (Ph.D. '89) co-founded reSTART: Internet Addiction Recovery Program, the first and only residential treatment program for adults suffering from Internet and Video Game Addiction ( Dr. Cash began her pioneering work in this new field in the mid 90's, and by 1999 she co-founded an outpatient clinic called Internet/Computer Addiction Services in Redmond, WA (home of Microsoft). In 2008, Hilarie co-authored a book now being released in its second edition called Video Games and Your Kids: How Parents Stay in Control. These ongoing endeavors have brought Dr. Cash recognition as one of the nation's leading experts in the growing field of Internet Addiction. 

Dr. Cash began her counseling career in Hawaii, where she specialized in Women's Issues. When she moved to the Seattle area with her family, and started a new practice, she found more and more clients presenting with problems related to some aspect of the Internet. She was intrigued, but found that few therapists were paying attention to the things she was noticing. Her curiosity, concern, and clinical experience led her to develop a growing understanding of, and expertise in, this intriguing subject.
Today, there is a growing world wide recognition of problems associated with overuse of digital technology. S. Korea and China have named it their #1 public health threat. The US has been slow to recognize the problem as a legitimate mental health concern, and Internet Addiction Disorder is not likely to be listed in the new DSM-V. However, there has been progress with the addition of a new DSM category for non-substance addictions. With time and the accumulation of research, it is likely to be added to the roster of behavioral addictions that are finally being recognized, in the same way that gambling is today. 

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Saybrook University Alumna Dr. Leila Kozak Receives Grant from NCI and is Appointed Clinical Champion by the Veterans Administration

Dr. Leila Kozak

Saybrook Psychology Alumna Dr. Leila Kozak (Ph.D. '07) recently received a grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for a project entitled: Palliative Care Provider Online Education in Evidence-Based Complementary Therapies, and was appointed Clinical Champion at Veterans Administration (VA) Puget Sound Health Care System in Seattle, WA.

The palliative care project will develop and test a series of online continuing education modules to teach palliative care providers about use of evidence-based complementary therapies.  Dr. Kozak and Dr. William Collinge are Co-Principal Investigators for the project. These materials will be tested with a cohort of palliative care providers from institutions such as the University of Washington School of Medicine and the Veteran Administration Health Care System. 

A Clinical Champion is a staff member who has demonstrated knowledge and interest in Patient-Centered Care, including whole person/integrative care, complementary therapies, and psycho-social-spiritual and wellness interventions. Nationally, the VA is moving toward a model of care with a patient-centered focus versus a disease-based model. Person-centered care is also known as personalized, whole-person, or integrative care.  As a step towards implementing this model across all facilities, the VA Office of Patient Centered Care & Cultural Transformation (OPCC&CT) has funded 30 Clinical Champions nationally, whose role is to develop and promote programs that are patient centered and that will advance the vision of personalized/integrative care within VA for all Veterans.  
This position is funded through OPCC&CT at the VA Central Office in Washington, DC, which announced that Dr. Leila Kozak and Dr. David Kearney will represent VA Puget Sound, because of their "experience in providing education and training to clinicians and a demonstrated knowledge and interest in Patient-Centered Care."
Dr. Kozak will serve as a liaison between the Field Implementation Teams (FIT), OPCC&CT, and regional (VISN)  facilities, with a focus on forming close partnerships and with the goal of developing and implementing patient centered care (PCC) initiatives, including:
• Providing consultation and orientation to facilities in PCC principles and practices focused on improving the experience of care as well as the changing model of care delivery.
• Providing on-site facility training and orientation for clinical staff on PCC and clinical practices, such as health coaching and integrative medicine.
• Assisting the OPCC&CT in developing and implementing tools for working with clinical staff.
• Leading committees and groups to further PCC clinical programs that focus on new models of healthcare delivery that include integrative models of care.

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Saybrook University Alumnus Dr. Kirk Schneider Appointed to Adjunct Faculty Position at Columbia University

Dr. Kirk Schneider

Saybrook University psychology alumnus and faculty member Dr. Kirk Schneider (Ph.D. '84) has been appointed to an adjunct faculty position at Teachers College, Dept. of Clinical and Counseling Psychology, Columbia University. He will be teaching a summer session on Awakening to Awe: An Existential-Integrative Approach to Therapy, July 2 through August 6, 2012.  

Dr. Schneider also just completed a new book called The Polarized Mind: Why It's Killing Us and What We Can Do About It that is currently under review at a major publisher. The book is an existential exploration of why and how power centers and their leaders have become repeatedly polarized down through history up to present times, which includes concrete steps we can take to address this core human peril.
Dr. Schneider's Doctoral Dissertation at Saybrook, Clients' Perceptions of the Positive and Negative Characteristics of Their Counselors, was chaired by Dr. Jurgen Kremer. Kirk is a former editor of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology, and is the current Vice President of the Existential-Humanistic Institute's Board of Directors.

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