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Licensed Psychologist Position Open at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, CO

Announcing a full time, very well paying position at Fort Carson, Colorado in Colorado Springs.

The psychologist needs to be licensed, but I'm not sure if it has to be Colorado, although Colorado is pretty easy to get licensed in. The company recruiting is listed below, which I have forwarded to you. I worked for them for 3 years and they are great. They pay $50 per hour and you are an employee with benefits. Extra hours are often available as well. Great team to work with. The therapy and assessments are with active duty soldiers, many having been deployed. EMDR and experience in trauma is helpful. It is a contract position. Elsa Quiroga is contact at e-mail below. Thanks for your help. I know Saybrook has graduates around the country, and Zeitgeist supplies psychologists for military installations around the country, so they could be a good source for your grads. Thanks for your help. Hope everything is going well at Saybrook. I have fond memories of my years in the psychology programs there.

Aloha, Dr. Dea Coschignano, Ph.D. Saybrook '00

From: Elsa Quiroga
Date: Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 8:59 AM
Subject: RE: Address Change from Dr. C.
To: deanna coschignano


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Any leads on whom we can offer the position, it is still vacant.

Please help and have a Great Holiday!!


Elsa Quiroga
Executive Business Manager
Direct Line 210.271.7411
Direct Fax 210.271.9414

Posted at 02:11 PM

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I am a high school classmate of Dea Coschignano. We are gathering addresses to invite everyone to our 50th reunion. Could you please send me her address or forward this message to her? Mary Rector Thanks!

Posted by Mary Rector (not verified) | 06/21/2013 @ 07:44 PM