Saybrook Alumna Dr. Charlene Block (Ph.D. ’03) Sent a Seasonal Note about The Beth Block Foundation

Saybrook Alumna Dr. Charlene Block (Ph.D. ’03) updates us about the foundation honoring her daughter Beth Block:


Generally, every Christmas Beth would E-Mail a card off using an image she made
that she felt conveyed the spirit of the season. However the card also seemed to say,
“Hi it’s Beth -how ya doin’.” It is that reaching out and fostering of connection that has prompted the formation of “The Beth Block Foundation”.

Eureka, we have finally obtained the coveted 501(c)(3) status that allows us to be a non profit charitable organization. To honor and carry on Beth’s work, scholarships and grants will be awarded to individuals and groups that are involved in lens based photography.

So, sans the image, just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays, and let you know that the foundation’s website will be up and running within the next month with all the necessary details about it’s direction and award process.

Take care and enjoy the season, Charlene