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Saybrook Alumna Dr. Lezlie Kinyon's (Ph.D. '06) Poem Set to Music and to be Included on Harper Diana Rowan's CD

Saybrook Alumna and Homepage newsletter editor, Lezlie Kinyon, to be honored in another field! Harper Diana Rowan will include Lezlie's poem Calypso on her new CD (currently being recorded in Bulgaria, with traditional musicians).

From Lezlie: Diana Rowan is amazing! Her site is

I cannot tell you how honored & really thrilled I am about this! I can send a copy of the poem upon request. BB! Lezlie

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George- You need to know that Diana wasn't ready to perform "Calypso" at that concert at the last minute - but it will be on her new CD (currently being recorded in Bulgaria with traditional musicians.)  It'll be on the list for the next concert she does.
Diana Rowan is amazing - she'd be one to ask for a performance at a Saybrook event! Her site is ...  Lezlie

Posted by Lezlie Kinyon, Ph.D. (not verified) | 03/20/2012 @ 11:27 AM