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Saybrook Alumna Dr. Virginia Nemetz (Ph.D. '02) Releases New Publication Stone Child's Mother

Virginia Nemetz, Ph.D. '02 Publishes:

Stone Child's Mother: A Jungian Narrative Reflection on the Mother Archetype

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Dear Dr. Nemetz.

     Whether it was by mere chance or synchronicity of some higher degree, I can't say. But the fact that we did meet at a small booksigning/fundraiser at CAFTA in Torrington, Ct was one of the more pleasant "accidents" of my life. The study of archetypes and the way they mutate into symbolism and affect culture spiritually and socially is totally overlooked (feared, in fact), knowledge. I am apt to say grand things like this, but nobody's listening. So I talk to nobody all the time. I write these songs to sneak my big ideas out there. The Sullivan's seem to hold me in high regard, bless them.

     I regret arriving late during your presentation, but I am thoroughly enjoying your book (Stone Child's Mother), which you graciously signed: "To Mark; Kindred Spirit".

     I thank you for that. Not the kind of thing that happens very often.

     Let's keep up the good work, eh?

     Mark Papallo


Posted by Mark A. Papallo (not verified) | 05/22/2012 @ 02:40 PM