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Documentary Featuring the Work of Alumni David Paul, M.D., Ph.D. '06 and Bonnie Paul, Ph.D. '06 Receives Cannes Film Festival Award


Saybrook alumni David Paul, M.D., Ph.D. (06) and Bonnie Paul, Ph.D. (06) have been directing and presenting an ongoing series of workshops, titled Freedom to Choose, at Valley State Prison for Women (VSPW) in Chowchilla, California twice a year since 2004.

VSPW is one of the largest medium/maximum security women’s prisons in the world. A documentary about this work won “Best Documentary” at the Emerging Filmmakers Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

Drs. David and Bonnie Paul are faculty at the University of Santa Monica (USM), and they lead approximately 50 USM graduate volunteers from USM’s master’s degree program in Spiritual Psychology who travel at their own expense to spend three days with inmates. The 12th Freedom to Choose workshop at VSPW, scheduled for the end of October, will reach more than 300 inmates, including more than 100 inmate “mentors” who assist in the workshop. 95% of the participants (N=1,400) report more inner peace, less violence in their interactions with other inmates, and improved relationships(p<0.001).

The program was nominated for the 2006 American Correctional Association "Exemplary Offender Program Award." Drs. Paul received the Bohemian Foundation’s E-Chievement Award in 2009. You can view the documentary at:

Alumnus Bob Hieronimus, PhD '80 is Featured on the Discovery Channel's Hunting the Lost Symbol


Alumnus Dr. Bob Hieronimus is featured on the Discovery Channel's Hunting the Lost Symbol premiering October 18th at 8 PM Eastern.

Produced by Hollywood filmmakers Ron Ziskin and Mark Victor, and based on the new best-seller by Dan Brown, this program promises an exploration of the ancient and hidden meanings of American symbols – which is the theme of both Brown’s new book and of Dr. Hieronimus’s 1981 Saybrook dissertation.
Dr. Bob Hieronimus

Candidates Sought for the Permanent Positon of Saybrook University President


Candidates Sought for the Permanent Positon of Saybrook University President

The exciting process of seeking Saybrook University’s new president is being led by Board of Trustees' Chair, Alison Bonds Shapiro, in cooperation with the Nonprofit Leadership, Education and Foundations Division of the San Francisco firm, Rusher Loscavio Executive Search. Please refer potential candidates to the position announcement and description.

Click here for the position:




Alumna Heather Dermyer, PhD ’09, Mind-Body Trainer for Athletes Who Competed in US Olympic Trials in Michigan


Saybrook Alumna, Heather Dermyer, Ph.D., Mind-Body Performance Trainer at the United States Olympic Education Center (USOEC) in Marquette, MI.

Recently, the USOEC hosted the 2009 Olympic Trials for Short Track Speed Skating. Five grueling days of cut-throat competition determined which athletes will represent the United States in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

For results of the Olympic Trials, please visit To contact Dr. Heather Dermyer, e-mail

EHI Conference Discount Extended


The November EHI Conference Discounthas been generously extended through October 10.

Click Here for the EHI Conference Registration Form.

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Two $5,000 Awards for Gay-Lesbian Research


The Joan Heller-Diane Bernard Fellowship in Lesbian and Gay Studies:
This fellowship supports research by a junior scholar (graduate student, untenured university professor or independent researcher) and a senior scholar (tenured university professor or advanced independent scholar) into the impact of lesbians and/or gay men on U.S. society and culture. Scholars conducting research on lesbians are especially encouraged to apply. It is open to researchers both inside and outside the academy and is adjudicated by the Joan Heller- Diane Bernard Fellowship committee in conjunction with CLAGS. The winner may be asked to participate in CLAGS's colloquium series the following academic year to present her/his research project.

Two awards each in the amount of $5,000
Two Finalists awards each in the amount of $1,250
Deadline: November 15, 2009

Link to more info:

If you decide to apply, let me know, and if I or my colleagues in CIIS’ development office can be of any help, we will do what we can to help you prepare a competitive application.

Rosanne Johnson

Grant Writer
California Institute of Integral Studies
695 Minna Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Tel: 415-575-6297
Fax: (415) 621-1097

Message to Alumni from the Board of Trustees Chair


Dear Saybrook Alumni,

This past June, I promised to periodically update you on progress we are making at Saybrook. I am very pleased to say that I have some wonderful news regarding developments at Saybrook to share with you.

First, we are now Saybrook University with three distinct colleges: the Graduate College of Psychology and Humanistic Studies, housing our traditional legacy programs in Psychology, Human Science, and Organizational Systems; graduate College of Mind-Body Medicine, the first WASC accredited program of its kind, and LIOS Graduate College, a 40-year old leading institution of experiential-based graduate learning and leadership training, based in Seattle which affiliated with Saybrook early this year. Though united as one institution, each of these three colleges will have their own distinct learning models.

However, one thing isn’t changing-- the soul of the school. Saybrook University will remain the home of humanistic thought, in all its manifestations, inspired by the work of our founders. Their teachings will be carried into new fields and new forms of human endeavor through Saybrook University.

Saybrook University welcomed its first incoming class this Fall, 2009, and a robust new student enrollment of 170. This total - the combined total Fall '09 enrollment for all colleges - represents a significant growth of more than 50%.

To accommodate the new students, Saybrook has also revitalized its learning technology, creating a whole new cyber-environment for instructing courses, offering course materials, and helping students and faculty create an academic community. In addition, an entirely new website will be launching this fall. This new technology will make it easy for students, faculty, and alumni to compare notes, share information, and create an academic commons that combines scholarship with real-world applications.
Lastly, I had the distinct pleasure of welcoming three new Trustees to the Saybrook University Board: alumna Vicki Saunders, Brad Fisher and Rick Hanson. The Trustees are committed to providing the resources and leadership necessary to fully realize our vision for Saybrook and the role of humanistic education in developing future agents of change. These new leaders will help us fulfill our potential.

On October 28 at 11 AM PST, I will be conducting a conference call with alumni to speak with you first-hand about all of the developments at Saybrook as well as the search for our new president. I look forward to speaking with many of you at that time (For conference call connection information contact George Aiken

Thank you again for your support. I will continue to keep you abreast of all the wonderful things happening at Saybrook University.

Note from the alumni blog editor: See Alison's new blog at Psychology Today


Alison Shapiro

Chair, Board of Trustees

EHI November Conference Seeking Volunteers


EHI's November Conference is looking for volunteers to exchange their time to assist with tasks at the conference in exchange for their registration fee. Below is a general description of the tasks involved:

The volunteer will be assigned to specific workshops and rooms, and will be seated at the door with a small table. The volunteer will have to ensure that every participant of that workshop signs in and out. This is especially important because this is how we will track professionals and the number of CEs they are earning. Other than the very beginning and very end of the workshop, the volunteers are free to listen in and participate in that particular workshop. Of course, if the instructor needs any help from the volunteer, like switching the lights or moving desks, etc., the volunteer would have to help him/her out.

Possible volunteers please contact:
Mary Madrigal, Ph.D.
EHI Conference Chairperson

Become involved in the Green Economy!


Become involved in the in the Green Economy! “A Greenprint for Prosperity” lecture by keynote speaker Daniel Wallach, Executive Director & Founder of Greensburg GreenTown in partnership with Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County will be given in CA on October 1st from 8:30~5pm located at the Flamingo Resort & Spa, 2777 Fourth St.

This 6th Annual Community Dialogue will focus on the role of the low-income community in the emerging Green Economy. Topics will include: conversations related to the resources necessary to ensure green sector jobs are available to all income sectors; and consideration of local policies necessary to ensure that all populations have access to the education, support programs and community services that support self-sufficiency in the Green Economy.

To register or for more info go to: or call 707-544-6911