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Position Open as Department Chair, International Psychology, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology


Department Chair, International Psychology
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology ¡V Chicago Campus

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology ( is an independent, regionally accredited not-for profit graduate school providing education for careers in psychology and related behavioral and health sciences. The Chairperson of the International Psychology Department is responsible for providing visionary leadership for the academic direction of the department. The Department Chair must be an optimistic, action-oriented leader who will motivate faculty to embrace these values in the classroom and within the institution. Responsibilities include curriculum quality and development, scheduling, preparation for programmatic accreditation, assessment of student learning and program improvement, and supervision of faculty and department administrators.

The International Psychology PhD was launched on line in 2009. The Department Chair is being brought in to lead and grow the campus-based version of the program.

Position Qualifications:
„X A doctoral degree in psychology, concentration open, with a license or license eligibility desired.
„X Teaching and academic administration at the post-secondary level as well as professional experience is required.
„X Extensive international experience in at least one of the following areas is essential: international field work (e.g., Fulbright Scholar; visiting professor); international research including partnering with international scholars and/or collaborating on-site in data design, collection, and publication; international professional association work (e.g., officer with one of the international associations such as International Council of Psychologists).
„X Solid people development skills with a focus on providing opportunities for faculty and staff to excel.

Why consider the opportunity?
„X Healthy institution in growth mode. It is an exciting time to be a part of the institution. Opportunities are unlimited.
„X The International Psychology program is the first of its kind in the US. You will help build and grow the campus-based program.
„X Culture. The Chicago School offers a culture of innovation and excellence. It is a fast-paced, fun place to work. Bright, hardworking, ambitious employees are valued and rewarded. TCS was named one of the ¡§best colleges to work for¡¨ by The Chronicle of Higher Ed in 2009.

For more information or to apply, contact:
Beth Baldino
Sr. Consultant
Summit Search Solutions, Inc.
Direct dial 609-730-1277

The Latest from Saybrook Alumna Marie Fonrose, PhD '03 in Haiti


Dear Saybrook Community,

What I did not anticipate was funds for the project itself. I visited a camp where water was scarce so I had to buy water for the kids. Can you imagine counseling someone who is thirsty or even hungry? My church also ended up supporting the project, which is great. I can now use some of their funds to provide water and some nourishment to the kids. Many of them have to walk from the camp to the hospital to see me, on an unpaved road. I visited the camp personally by car; it is quite a distance.

The alternative is for them to get on a motorcycle, which cost 5
Haitian dollars (approx. 80 cents, US). The need is great!

I will be on the town's radio station (102.5) tonight along with Pastor Mioche Rock providing information about what to expect from children as a result of the event and how to help them move on. We will educate for
half hour and take questions as well.

On Monday, I will visit the an elementary school and meet with the
teachers and administrators.

Until then,

Invitation to Submit Papers and Articles to be Presented at a Serbian Yoga and Science Conference


An Invitation to submit Papers and Articles to be Presented at a Yoga and Science Conference

Prof. PhD Predrag Nikic
President of the Yoga Federation of Serbia

Bosa Janjusevic
Certified Instructor of the Yoga Center of Serbia

Summer Internship Programs in San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, and Newark, NJ


Summer Internship Programs in San Francisco Bay Area, New York City and Newark, NJ
Click Here for More Information

Saybrook Alumna Marie Fonrose PhD '03 Writes to Us from Pignon, Haiti


Good afternoon,
Hope everyone is well. I am well in Pignon. I am so grateful to be
here for they really need the help and are appreciative of it. I
visited two orphanages, and held group therapy sessions, as well as
individual sessions at the hospital. It is going to take a while for
the kids to return to some sort of normalcy; however, there are some
who are progressing. Other than PTSD, I see a lot of panic/anxiety
attacks. Some of them will have to undergo desensitization before they
are able to sleep under a roof. I am so happy to find that these kids
have such strong faith in God and I am capitalizing on that. If you
would like to communicate via phone, this is the number: 011 509 39 04
63 91.


Marie Fonrose

Saybrook Admissions Asks Alumni to Share this Open House Announcement with Prospective Students


MARCH 18, 2010


We invite prospective students to join us for Saybrook's Open House and learn more about Saybrook's distance education model. Find out about our new academic programs, including the residential PsyD program started in Fall 2008, our Mind-Body Medicine program started in Fall 2009 and our scholarships for new incoming MA and PhD students. You can attend in person or by web cast.

The Open House will offer an overview on Saybrook's blended distance learning programs (residential conferences required for each program) and provide an opportunity for prospective students to address questions to faculty, current students, and staff. Saybrook offers on-line independent and on-line cohort classes.

Learn more about our degrees in Psychology, Human Science, Organizational Systems and Mind-Body Medicine and how to deepen your academic study and research with a concentration in Consciousness and Spirituality, Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology, Integrative Health Studies, Organizational Systems, or Social Transformation, or a specialization in Jungian Studies or Marriage and Family Therapy.

TIME: 5:30 - 8:00 PM (Pacific time)

To register: RSVP here

Location: Saybrook University
747 Front Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111
[Google maps]

Check-in: 5:30 - 5:45 PM

Saybrook University provides rigorous graduate education that inspires transformative change in individuals, organizations, and communities, toward a just, humane, and sustainable world.

For more information on upcoming events, we invite you to visit our website
Saybrook Events

Questions? Contact the Admissions Office:
Telephone: 800-825-4480

Meet the Author-Saybrook Alumna Sunny Massad, PhD '00 on Book Tour in Southern California


Meet the Author

Sunny Massad,Ph.D.'00
President and Founder of the Hawaii Wellness Institute

“Self-improvement can be self-abusive because the constant drive to fix, cure, and acquire, prevents peace of mind in the present.”
Sunny Massad

You are invited to attend a FREE book reading, workshop, and signing at any one of the locations below:

Get a signed copy of UnTherapy ($15 paperback, $25 hardbound)

Sign up for a 1-hour UnTherapy session


Come to a 2-hour self-reflective workshop to fuel self-confidence, eradicate behavior patterns and reverse self-sabotage

"Sunny's enthusiasm is contagious. It is difficult to be in her presence and not be enthusiastic about living a more enlightened life...Don't miss the opportunity!"

Sunny will be available for private sessions in the Fullerton, CA area on Thursday, Feb. 25th and
at the Mystic Journey in Venice Beach, CA after the workshop on Saturday Feb. 27.

To book an appointment call her at 1-800-501-3179.

Mystic Journey Books (Venice)
Tuesday,Feb. 23 7:00-9:00
FREE reading & demo

Mystic Journey Books (Venice) Saturday, Feb. 27 1:00- 3:00
$65 reflective workshop

Bodhi Tree (West Hollywood)
Friday, Feb. 26 7:30-9:30
FREE reading & demo

Bodhi Tree (West Hollywood)
Sunday, Feb.28 3:00-5:00
$65 reflective work

"A succinct, practical, no-nonsense workbook that explains how to master
self-compassion, personal responsibility and meditative awareness."

"A User's Manual for the Mind."
Honolulu Star Bulletin

For more information about each venue go to

To order the book click go to
or to

------ End of Forwarded Message

Saybrook Annual APA Convention Dinner-Sponsored by the Saybrook Alumni Association in Cooperation with Executive Faculty Member Dr. Stan Krippner


Save the Date 6:00 to 8:00 PM, Friday, August 13, 2010 for the Saybrook Annual APA Convention Dinner-Sponsored by the Saybrook Alumni Association in Cooperation with Executive Faculty Member Dr. Stan Krippner

Contact the or call 415-394-5968 to be placed on the Saybrook APA Dinner mailing list.

Every attempt will be made to pick a restaurant location within walking distance from the convention center. Last year, at least 25 members of the Saybrook Community and their guests attended. It was a spirited evening, rich with conversation, sharing, and getting to know fellow Saybrookians. Please join us.

Saybrook Alumnus Bob Hieronimus, PhD is Part of Panel of Artists on Race, Religion, Social Justice and Inspiration


Dr. Bob Hieronimus in New York as part of Panel of Artists on Race, Religion, Social Justice and Inspiration

Thursday, February 25, 2010 from 6 to 8pm New York City

On Thursday, February 25th from 6-8 PM you are invited to join Faith Ringgoold and Dr. Bob Hieronimus and several other artists and writers for "An Evening with Faith Ringgold and Friends: Artists and Writers Discuss Race, Religion, Social Justice and Inspiration." This event is co-sponsored by the Temple of Understanding and is taking place at the ACA Galleries at 529 West 20th Street. Go to for more info.

An Interesting Book Signing for SF Bay Area Alumni


A newly arrived 65 year old blues man will be reading from his book -The Shamanic Wisdom of the Huichol: Medicine Teachings for Modern Times

Each book is a seed that uplifts awareness about how to show up in a good medicine way during this time of the Great Turning.

YOU CAN BUY A COPY AT THE BOOK SIGNING AND/OR ORDER A COPY AND SEE A ONE MINUTE VIDEO ABOUT THE BOOK at Just push "watch trailer" on the upperleft of the home page.

- 'Medicine Teachings for Modern Times' -