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Virtual Memorials Have Been Created for Drs. Arne Collen and Jeanne Achterberg

We mourn the loss of our two colleagues, mentors, and dear friends, Arne and Jeanne. To share your thoughts and stories, click here.

Posted at 09:30 AM

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The first time I met Jeanne Achterberg, she came with Dr. Krippner to my spiritual community in Hawaii. We conducted a series of healing works for them, as they were both going through physical and spiritual health challenges. After the works, Jeanne was determined to study my brain in her MRI experiments. Although I never got up the courage to let her magnetize my head, I was inspired to go to Saybrook for the chance to work with her. There she guided me through many challenges and she ultimately chaired my MA thesis on an Amazonian healing system. It was always my hope to return to Saybrook to work with her on my PhD. I was actually planning on returning next year. Receiving this news made me really sad. The Saybrook community, the field of CAM and the greater human community that needs so much healing lost a great leader, teacher and healer.

Vai com Deus Jeannie. A hui hou


Posted by Joseph Sulla (not verified) | 03/29/2012 @ 10:37 AM