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Alumna Deirdre Bundy, M.A. '09 Needs help with Workshop in L.A. - San Diego Area to Empower Young Women


Dear Saybrook Community:

I wanted to let you know about some news for the business I am creating, Little Ladies Sports Club, and also see if you would be able to help us. My business partner and I have decided to start up an LLSC workshop and are in the process of creating and picking a venue! Would you happen to know any parents with daughters aged 11-18 years old in the LA or San Diego areas(or any teachers, therapists, healthcare professionals etc who work with kids)? We want to be able to reach as many girls as possible so we can get this going! Each workshop will focus on a specific theme and our goal is to empower young women to reach their highest potential through heartfelt mentoring and physical activities.

Here is the website for more details:

Any contacts would be greatly appreciated.


Deirdre Bundy, M.A.

Ph: 310-804-2402

Alumna Kathrina L. Rashid, PhD ('09) was Interviewed During Sexual Assault Awareness Month


San Francisco Bay Area Alumna Kathrina L. Rashid, PhD '09 conducted an interview on Blogtalk Radio in April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Kathrina gave the interview as a Board Member of Bay Area Women Against Rape(BAWAR), which is the nation's very first rape crisis hotline. In the wide-ranging interview, she also discussed her dissertation study conducted at Saybrook, and briefly addressed the topics of culture and ethnicity, which are her areas of expertise. The interview was conducted by host Joe Hackman of Blogtalk Radio.

The results of this submission may be viewed

Clinical Students Need Your Help - Saybrook PsyD and Clinical PhD Students Need Practicums


Dear Saybrook colleague and alumni:

We need your support!

Help us find clinical placements for our clinical psychology (PhD and PsyD) students. We need your referrals and recommendations for clinical sites/agencies in your area or in our current students' locations.

Our Clinical Psychology degrees are part of the Graduate College of Psychology and Humanistic Studies, which carries forward the tradition of the Humanistic Psychology Institute founded in 1970.

Saybrook offers different doctoral programs and among them, we offer the PhD in Clinical Psychology and the Psychology Doctoral Program (PsyD) that offers such an alternative.

Today, we need your help to assure the academic achievements of our current students. We need your recommendations, information, or linkages to local clinics, training institutions, and local agencies willing to receive our psychology students, especially for the new Psy D program to pursue their clinical practicum and internships.

Our clinical programs promote our humanistic tradition and prepare excellent candidates to a practicum experience (lab experience in psychotherapy, diagnosis and assessment, and of course their humanistic sensibility). Any referrals are greatly appreciated and any agency/clinic in your area able to have our students do a yearlong practicum starting in Sept 2010 will be a plus.
Thank you for your help,

Send information to:

Doris Bersing, PhD
Saybrook University
Director of Clinical Training
Tel. 415-331-4521 Fax 415-331-1541

List of actual locations, where we need placemnets....

Corinna, ME

Katy, TX

San Francisco, CA

Floral Park, NY

San Mateo, CA

Menifee, CA

Council Bluffs, IA

League City, TX

Anchorage, AK

Delaware, OH

Novato, CA

Little Neck, NY

Sneads Ferry, NC

Hialeah, FL

Houston, TX

Dayton, NV

Guernerville, CA

Santa Rosa, CA

Hayden, CO


Silver Spring, MD

Redondo Beach, CA

Ridgecrest, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Alumna Summer Watson, PhD '05 Launches a Personal Life Coaching Website


Alumna Summer Watson,Ph.D. '05 recently launched a Personal Life Coaching website.

Please check out my new site:

If you should know someone that would benefit from my services, please feel free to refer them. Also, should you want to mention my site on your blog, Facebook, or MySpace page that would be terrific! Thank you for your support and have a terrific day!

Summer Watson, Ph.D. '05

Alumnus Tom Pinkson, PhD '76 Leads Ceremony that Honors Marin Seniors


Ceremony honors Marin seniors and helps them pass on what they've learned.

Taken from an article in the Marin Independent Journal:

Tom Pinkson, a Saybrook alumnus, is a psychologist and the creator of Recognition Rites For A New Vision of Aging - Honoring Elders. The 65-year-old Pinkson is the founder of Wakan, a spiritual community based on the wisdom traditions of indigenous people. He is the author of "The Shamanic Wisdom of the Huichol: Medicine Teachings for Modern Times," a newly published account of his experiences with the Huichol Indians of western central Mexico.

"Honoring elders is not something we do in our mainstream, youth oriented culture. We've been told that when we get to a certain age, we're not as important anymore as we were when we were younger. That's very different in indigenous cultures, where the elders are respected and revered." He's leading the way in changing that.

"In our culture, the elders miss out on the opportunity to share their wisdom, and the younger generation misses out on the opportunity to learn from their elders," he said. "It's a lose-lose situation. Recognition rites are about replacing the negative thoughts we have about aging with positive ones."

Pinkson has developed the recognition rites program with funds from individuals and foundations. He's performed three so far, and is focusing on honoring elders in diverse communities. He also hopes to teach others how to offer recognition rites and to write a book about it.

- For more information on Recognition Rites, contact Tom Pinkson at, or call 451-0192.

Alumna Marie Fonrose, PhD '03 Returns to Haiti to Train Mental Health Leaders


The Saybrook Alumni Association would like to urge you to support Marie Fonrose in completing her goals in Haiti in Phase II of her work. Marie has to make two trips this time, so she really needs our help.

You can make donations by sending a check to Saybrook University designated for the Marie Fonrose Haiti Fund - Phase II or call 415-394-5968 with a credit card number.

From Marie:

Dear Saybrook Community,

Thank you again for your contributions to my recent trip to Haiti. Without your generous support, it would not have been possible. The trip was a great success and benefited Haitians young and old.

Attached you will find information regarding my second trip to Haiti. In short, it will entail training other leaders in Haiti who will help sustain the mental health mission in the province of Jeremi.

Click here to see an outline of the work

I will leave on July 5 to Jeremie, Haiti and return July 12. I will go back on July 25 to Zorange (Hope for Haiti Foundation) and return August 2.

Thanks again!


Alumna Lyn Freeman, PhD '94 Presents Her Million Dollar Grant Experience at the June 2010 Alumni Homecoming


Saybrook Homecoming, June 11-13, 2010, Westin SFO

Friday Evening Special Event
Beginning at 7:30-7:45 Immediately Following the Presidential Welcome

Alumna Lyn Freeman Presents:

The Phoenix Experience: Life Transformation at Saybrook and Beyond

Dr. Lyn Freeman is a Saybrook graduate and the former director of Saybrook’s Integrative Health concentration. She will share how Saybrook served as a launching pad for her career transformation, and how you as students can utilize your Saybrook time to transform your life and the lives of others.

Dr. Freeman is creator and Principle Investigator of National Cancer Institute (NCI) funded clinical trials (Phases I and II) to help Alaska and Washington state breast cancer survivors overcome the symptoms and side effects of their cancer treatments. Side effects included cognitive deficits and memory loss (called chemobrain), sleep deprivation, unremitting fatigue, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Cancer survivors often experience their cancer treatments as being ‘burned alive’ by chemotherapy, radiation, and surgical nerve pain.

Dr. Freeman’s “Envision the Rhythms of Life” (ERL) brain plasticity program incorporates imagery techniques to reduce survivor side effects while transforming treatment imagery into life stories filled with meaning, power and purpose. Study participants have called their experience of the program the ‘ Phoenix Transformation.” The symbol of the ERL program, the Phoenix Transformation, was painted by Alison Bonds Shapiro, current Chair of the Saybrook board.

This year, in collaboration with Alaska Regional Hospital (ARH), the ERL program will be opened to Alaskan cancer survivors suffering the long-term effects of their cancer treatments. In 2011, at the request of ARH, the program concepts will be modified to serve cardiovascular and diabetic patients.

Dr. Freeman will describe her clinical trial and program and share stories from study participants. Attendees will practice some of the clinical trial techniques as a way to reframe challenges in their own lives. Some program materials will be demonstrated, including an animation on neuropeptides and brain plasticity developed in collaboration with Candace Pert, former National Institutes of Health section chief, and the discoverer of neuropeptide receptors.

Final Schedule Released: Saybrook Alumni Homecoming - June 11, 12 & 13


Saybrook University Graduate College of Psychology and Humanistic Studies Announces

Alumni Homecoming June 11, 12 & 13, 2010 at the Westin SFO


We are planning another great Alumni Homecoming.

CLICK HERE for the Full Version of the Homecoming Schedule

The weekend will begin Friday afternoon and will include:

- Alumni are welcome to attend the RC Community Meeting and Presidential Welcome Friday, beginning at 4 PM
- Alumni Publications on display from Friday afternoon through Saturday evening - an impressive showing
- Friday evening Special Presentation: Alumna Lyn Freeman, PhD '97 Shares her Story about her Million Dollar Grant for Breast Cancer Research
- Saturday AM alumni meetings, including: a networking meeting; meeting with Dr. Bob Schmitt, new Dean of our college; a meeting with alumni council members and alumni who are on the board of trustees
- Alumni Lunch with Saybrook University's new president, Dr. Mark Schulman
- Alumni workshops Saturday afternoon
- Alumni are invited to walk in Graduation Sunday morning. Alumni Graduation Stoles will be provided.

Please make every effort to join us. We always have a fun, collegial, informative, and rewarding weekend. This is also a service to current students, who are always inspired by the presence of alumni.

Alumnus Ken Bradford, PhD '89 Announces New American Association for Existential Analysis


After much deliberation with folks around the world, we have now established the American Association for Existential Analysis.

For the past several years, I have been collaborating with an organization called the International Federation of Daseinsanalysis, made of eleven countries (mainly in Europe). The Organization has persistently sought an American group to participate. Well, finally, that time has come.

We are already receiving emails of interest from Pittsburgh, Seattle, Dallas, San Francisco, Brooklyn, among other places, as well as great affirmation from our IFDA colleagues in Belgium, Greece, England, Switzerland, Hungary, and others in this international community, including those colleagues in South American and Asia.

The association intends to promote dialogue between Existential, Psychoanalytic, and Contemplative traditions, West and East. We are addressing more concrete administrative issues related to formalizing our membership in IFDA, but if you wish to be added to our interest list just contact Todd DuBose at,

warm regards,
Ken Bradford

G. Kenneth Bradford, PhD
936 Dewing Ave., Suite E
Lafayette, CA 94549


Alumnus Andrew Bonnici, PhD '78 Publishes Book on Zen Intimacy


Zen Intimacy: The Passionate Longing of Your Only Moment Body by Alumnus Dr. Andrew Shugyo Daijo Bonnici, Ph.D.'78 Humanistic Transpersonal Psychologist & Zen Meditation Master

I just finished a book entitled, ZEN INTIMACY: The Passionate Longing of Your Only Moment Body. I would like to invite you to view my brief video teaching on ZEN INTIMACY and get your feedback regarding this topic of intimacy within the context of living enlightenment and the experience of human fulfillment. Also, if my video introducing Zen Intimacy resonates with your heart and felt experience, I would appreciate it if you would please vote for its publication on the same page.

Thank you for your time and kind support.

I look forward to hearing from you. Here is the link to my video/voting page.

with aloha,

Dr. Andrew Shugyo Daijo Bonnici, Ph.D.'78