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Alumnus Roland Carlstedt, PhD '01 Publishes Handbook on Integrative Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine


Alumnus Roland Carlstedt, PhD '01 Publishes Handbook of Integrative Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine: Perspectives, Practices and Research

Dr. Carlstedt also contributed three chapters, and Saybrook Alumna Dr. Denise Fortino authored chapter 11.

This handbook is a comprehensive work, with 31 chapters, and 73 contributors and research groups, from 15 countries.

"This is the long awaited text on interdisciplinary treatment and assessment of among other clinical topics, brain-derived behavioral, cognitive and neurological disorders. It includes innovative approaches such as neurofeedback, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and behavioral treatments, all of them with proven efficiency in well contolled studies but never before discussed and explained in a comprehensive textbook written by world renowned experts in their field."
Niels Birbaumer, Ph.D. Professor of Behavioral Neurobiology, University of Tuebingen, Germany; Member of the German Academy of Science, Leopoldina

Chapters by Saybrook Alumni:

1. Conceptual, Methodological, and Practice Foundations of Integrative Evidence-Based Clinical Research, Diagnostics, and Intervention - Roland A. Carlstedt

9. Integrative Diagnosis and Intervention: The High-Risk Model of Threat Perception Revisited - Roland A. Carlstedt

11. Emotional Intelligence and Substance Abuse: An Integrative Approach to Assessment and Treatment - Denise Fortino

31. Integrative Multimodal Assessment and Intervention: A Clinical Protocol - Roland A. Carlstedt


Roland A. Carlstedt, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist***Licensed Applied Psychologist
Board Certified Sport Psychologist (ABSP)
Board Certified in Applied Clinical Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (BCIA)
Tel. 917-680-3994
YOU TUBE: ABSP: Intern and Visiting Fellowship Program

Alumnus Richard Oelberger, PhD '06 Publishes Book on Kabbalah


Alumnus Richard Oelberger Published Qualitative Kabbalah: The Value of Living a Spiritual System
Available at Amazon

According to Richard, Qualitative kabbalah is dedicated to the incorporation of health
and healing, spiritual psychology, and the practical aspects of the mythical study of kabbalah. It offers a comparative perspective on the utilization of spiritual techniques and applications to the field of psychology and methods of application to therapeutic practice.

Specifically, Qualitative Kabbalah: The Value of Living a Spiritual System discusses the incorporation of kabbalistic teachings into practice, and offers stress reduction strategies and meditative tools. The benefits and applicability to diverse cultural, religious , and gender groups is highlighted.

Alumnus Stephan Beyer, PhD '05 Releases New Book on Shamanism


The University of New Mexico Press has published, Singing to the Plants: A Guide to Mestizo Shamanism in the Upper Amazon, by Saybrook alumnus Stephan Beyer, PhD '05

A fascinating first-hand account of initiation into the magic and mysteries of ayahuasca—one of the most potent shamanistic hallucinogens on the planet.

"It is scholarly and quite compellingly written. Treated as an apprentice, Beyer was able to gain insights into the rituals, beliefs, and practices that form the social context and the inner world of shamanism." David Lukoff, Saybrook Faculty Member

For more information, visit

University of New Mexico Press
ISBN 978-0826347299, 552 pp., Illustrations

East Coasting with Alison and Ed: Saybrook's Board of Trustees Chair and the VP of Institutional Advancement Connect with Right Coast Alumni


Saybrook University Board Chair, Alison Bonds Shapiro, and the Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Ed Patuto, recently completed a trip to five East Coast cites: Richmond, Virginia; Washington, D.C.; New York; and Norwalk and Westport, Connecticut. The goal of this trip was to connect with alumni in the area and to promote Saybrook’s new College of Mind Body Medicine.

In Richmond, alumnae Stephanie Davidson and Vicki Saunders hosted an event at Vicki’s home featuring Dr. Jim Gordon, Dean of Saybrook's College of Mind Body Medicine, and Alison Shapiro. Approximately 40 guests attended the event, including many colleagues of Stephanie at the Bon Secouers Hospitals, which is exploring establishing an integrative medicine program. Several alumni were present. Many attendees expressed their interest and enthusiasm for Saybrook’s new program.

In Connecticut, alumna Renee Levi hosted a luncheon at her home for five of her friends who are interested in joining in the Advisory Board for the College of Mind Body Medicine. Renee also set up a meeting with Ed and Norwalk Hospital, which has just established an integrative medicine program, to discuss possible future collaborations

In Washington and New York, Alison and Ed hosted dinners with alumni to better acquaint our alumni with the new university and to get to know them. Alison gave all alumni who attended copies of her new book, Healing into Possibility: Transformational Lessons from a Stroke. During this trip, Alison also meet with hospitals and rehabilitation centers about her work and Saybrook’s new college.

Alumnus Larry Honig, PhD '07 Works on Proposal to Study the Quantitative and Qualitative Effects of Meditation and Neurofeedback


Alumnus Larry Honig, PhD ’07 completed his Post-Doctoral Residency in Counseling and Consulting Services in Tucson, AZ, and received his Psychology License in April of ‘09.

Larry is developing a private practice in psychotherapy and Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS); works part-time at Sierra Tucson doing psychological and neuropsychological testing; and does LENS at Mindworks Studio, which offers neurofeedback and brain training for the general public.

At Mindworks, Larry is working on a proposal to study the quantitative and qualitative effects of meditation and neurofeedback, seeing whether the addition of neurofeedback over 8 weeks to a daily meditation practice accelerates the process of spiritual and psychological growth.

Larry says that the EPPP, the national psychological licensing exam, may seem daunting, but is imminently doable. He advises one to acquire study materials and purchase the online sample exams, going through the content and taking the exams over and over until it seems as if one is memorizing the questions and playing psychological trivial pursuit. He wishes the best of success to all!

Alumna Jacqueline Wilcoxson, PhD '05, Co-Advisor for Concert to Benefit Needy Children in Brazil


Inspired 4 Change and the National Society for Leadership are planning a concert/fundraiser in Southern CA to aid students who will be going to Brazil to help the community of needy children.

Click here for more info:

You can help by attending the concert or sending a donation.

Tickets: Adults $7; children 12 and under, $3

Thank you,

Dr. Jacqueline Wilcoxson

Alumna Janet Piedilato, PhD '99 Reviews Celebration of Jung's Red Book Publication


On Wednesday October 7, 2009 the long awaited publication of Red Book by W. W. Norton was celebrated by a series of events in NYC that commenced with the opening of an exhibit displaying the original C.G Jung masterpiece.

There are no words to do justice to either work; the original or the newly published. For while the original Red Book in place beneath a glass cube in the lower level of the Rubin Museum brings to mind a medieval opus on alchemy, its pages sacred with glorious calligraphy and beautiful illuminations, the exquisite W. W. Norton Red Book, available for mere mortals to possess and to savor at leisure, is a treasure beyond all imagination. One need only open the pages to see why this great work took so long in coming for indeed every care was taken to faithfully reproduce the pages of the original. Red Book is magnificent on every level, something to be experienced and enjoyed like a good companion who imparts wisdom in different ways at different times yet who remains constant in accompanying one on life’s journey through joy and sorrow.

Of all the week long offerings which I enjoyed perhaps the most revealing was the introduction of Red Book at a lecture in the New York Academy of Medicine. While described as a “lecture” it was really more of an experience of the book. As the larger than life Red Book filled the huge screen at the front of the hall, as the audience was literally held in trance watching the turning pages and glorious illuminations, Sonu Shamdasani read poetic segments of Jung’s writings. There was not a sound in the hall as all sat transfixed.

The incomprehensible works magically; magic works incomprehensibly.

The touchstone is being alone with oneself. This is the way.

Listen to the soul, to the Gods…. but do not be their slave…

And listen we did. Our response gives testimony to the power of Red Book. This is not just a beautiful book of illuminations. It is a transformative text; it is alchemy of the soul……One could compare this experience with that of an initiate of the Ancient Mysteries. The screen stilled at the end of the presentation and we were returned to the red cover. Sonu Shamdasni now quieted. Silence continued to fill the hall until slowly awakening from the trance a little trickle of applause began, like wind gaining momentum across a field of golden wheat, quickening and gaining force propelling each to rise and yield the standing ovation it deserved…Red Book by C.G. Jung; no longer hidden in the depth of the vaults but available to work its magic on all of us. I feel so fortunate to have a copy in hand to enjoy over and again. It is a book that shall continue to lead us to new places. The collective experience of that Hall demonstrates its power. Red Book: Do not miss out on this. It is magnificent.

Alumna Janet Piedilato, PhD '99

Tenure-Track Faculty Positions Open at Universithy of West Georgia's Humanistic Psychology Department


The Department of Psychology at the University of West Georgia announces at least one tenure-track faculty position to commence Fall 2010.

The department houses dynamic undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degree programs, and engages an integrative approach with roots in humanistic, existential/phenomenological, transpersonal, depth, critical, and feminist psychologies. We emphasize human science and other qualitative research methods, clinical interests creatively informed by broader social sensibilities, social justice approaches to intervention, and studies in consciousness and spirituality.

Please send vita, three letters of recommendation, sample publications, and a description of your vision for psychology to:

Dr. Jeannette Diaz-Laplante or Dr. Lisa Osbeck, Department of Psychology, University of West Georgia, Carrollton, GA, 30118.

Review of applications will begin January 4, 2010. The University of West Georgia is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.

Alumna Roberta Goldfarb, Ph.D. '91 Offers One Day Training - Connecting Heaven and Earth


A Day with Roberta Goldfarb, PhD
Sunday 25 October
10am - 5pm

Click Here for Information

AHIMSA & The IWR’s Fourth Bade Conference


SAVE THE DATE: November 7, 2009

AHIMSA & The IWR’s Fourth Bade Conference

On the Human Capacity for Peace

Local Actions for Global Transformation:

The Power of the Human Spirit

Saturday, November 7, 2009

10:00 am to 4:30 pm

Bade Museum

Located on the Campus of the Pacific School of Religion

1798 Scenic Avenue, Berkeley, California 94709

Guest Speakers on The Power of the Human Spirit:

Dr. Huston Smith * Professor Michael Nagler

Dr. Bidyut Bose * Nipun Mehta

Guest Speakers on Local Actions for Social Change:

Aeeshah Clottey * Gonzalo Rocobo *

More speakers to be announced!

Free and Open to the Public