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An interview with Saybrook Alumnus Maurice Apprey

Dr. Maurice Apprey

In addition to studying under Amedeo Giorgi at Saybrook, Maurice Apprey studied under Anna Freud.  Today he has a full Professorship of psychiatry at the University of Virginia where he is a member of the Academy of Distinguished Educators at the School of Medicine. He also serves as a training and supervising psychoanalyst at the Contemporary Freudian Society in Washington, DC, a component of the International Psychoanalytic Association. We asked Dr. Apprey how his studies evolved over the years.

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Student Spotlight: Morrice Apprey

Morrice Apprey

Saybrook Psychology PhD student Morrice Apprey interns at Region Ten Community Services Board in Charlottesburg, Virginia. He takes delight in supporting people’s well-being and building on the work done by his father, psychoanalyst and Saybrook alumnus Maurice Apprey.

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Student Spotlight: Sorojini Abass, PsyD program

Sorojini Abass

The life of a clinical psychology student can be tough.  Heavy course loads, licensing requirements, and client engagements can take a toll. And then if you’re a working parent?

When Saybrook PsyD student and mother Sorojini Abass experienced adversity and financial restraint, she didn’t falter – and she came out on top.  She’s now interning at the prestigious Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

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Faculty Spotlight: Louis Hoffman, PhD


Saybrook faculty member Dr. Louis Hoffman is a widely recognized luminary in the field of existential psychology.  The author/editor of five books (including Existential Psychology East-West, Brilliant Sanity: Buddhist Approaches to Psychotherapy, and Spirituality and Psychological Health), he also contributed chapters to many volumes, including Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy: Guideposts to the Core of Practice, Whole Person Healthcare, and Explaining Evil. He serves on the editorial boards for the Journal of Humanistic Psychology and PsycCRITIQUES. Additionally, he is the recent past-president of the Society of Humanistic Psychology (Division 32) of the American Psychological Association.

For those who are interested in taking a humanistic approach to psychology, studying people as people rather than as neurochemicals, reflexes, and synapses, Hoffman says there’s probably no better place than Saybrook.

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Humanity is Now the “Rainbow Nation” that Mourns and Celebrates Mandela


We are all privileged to have lived in the time that Nelson Mandela lived. When Mahatma Gandhi died, Albert Einstein said: "Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth." The same is true for Nelson Mandela.

As many have already commented, Nelson Mandela was not, and did not want to be perceived as, a saint or a prophet who by himself lifted his country out of bondage. Truly transformational social change rarely occurs without the efforts of many individuals, often combined into social movements. Mandela was the representative of a national and global social movement against the apartheid regime of South Africa, and it had many heroes, including Winnie Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and TransAfrica founder Randall Robinson.  It was the movement as a whole that brought down apartheid.

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Matt Watkins, Saybrook University Mind-Body Medicine Student, Pursues Mindfulness and Presence-Based Coaching Model

Matt Watkins


Matt Watkins is completing his final master's project to fulfill the requirements for a Master’s Degree in Saybrook University's Mind-Body Medicine.  For his culminating project he is combining his love of professional coaching with mind-body skills to develop a coaching model.  The direction of his project is currently unfolding; however, the main focus is how mindful and presence-based coaching, informed by the principles of Health Realization, facilitates the development of self-determined values and actions. 

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Mallory Rowell, Master's Student in Mind-Body Medicine, Combines New Marriage, Research Job, Fitness Training, and Graduate Study

Mallory Rowell on the Beach


Mallory Rowell completed her BS degree in Psychology from Ohio State in 2010, and although she knew that she wanted to complete an advanced degree, she was unsure of her path.  One day as she was perusing the APA academic listings she came across an advertisement for Saybrook University, School of Mind Body Medicine.  She was immediately attracted to the advertisement and that led her to attend an introductory call hosted by the department chair, Dr. Don Moss.  After the introductory call Mallory recalls her elation at finding this program, “It felt like everything I was looking for and didn’t know what to call it.  Saybrook combined my lifestyle and academic goals all into one.”  In the fall of 2013 Mallory began classes to complete her MS in Mind Body Medicine.

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