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Call for Submissions: The New School Psychology Bulletin


The New School Psychology Bulletin: Call for Submissions

If you are a graduate student in psychology, we invite you to submit your research to the New School Psychology Bulletin. We are currently accepting manuscripts for publication in the second volume of our 11th issue. It is important to note that we also accept manuscripts to the New School Psychology Bulletin throughout the year. However, the submission deadline for this volume is APRIL 4TH, 2014.

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Upcoming Art Festivals, 2014


1.) The Fourth Asian Conference on the Arts and Humanities: April 3-6 2014: Click here for more information

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Interview with Saybrook Creativity Studies Specialization Student Gloria Chance


Tell us a little about your background.

I have had a 25 year career as a Business Technology leader in healthcare and financial services for a number of fortune 100 companies.  As a transformational Business Executive I led strategic projects integrating core new business functions that leveraged creativity expertise to drive unparalleled enterprise success.  Using next-generation technologies and operational excellence, I led teams that created one of the first electronic medical records in the 90s and one of the first mobile applications in financial services in the early 2000s along with many other innovations.  I am currently a Ph.D. student in Psychology with a focus on Organizational Creativity.

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Firsts and Forgiveness in the Life of Mind-Body Medicine Doctoral Student, Deborah Gray

Deborah Gray conducts workshop with Dr. Luskin on Forgiveness


A few weeks ago, in discussion with a friend, Saybrook School of Mind-Body Medicine doctoral student Deborah Gray found herself bemoaning the idea of aging.  She explained that she is not afraid or saddened by death but instead is grieving the loss of youth.  In the process of explaining her sadness, Deb realized what grieves her most is the loss of firsts.  “The first day of school, the first date, the first marriage, the first baby, etc.”   Deb further explained that, “As always, life has a way of challenging my beliefs.”          

Last week Deb had a wonderful opportunity to realize that her worries were for naught.  She was blessed with the opportunity for a number of new firsts; visiting Inuvik, Canada in the Arctic Circle, being a co-presenter with Dr. Fred Luskin, Director of the Stanford Forgiveness Project, tasting caribou stew, flying Canadian North Airlines (tagline, “Seriously North”).  Lastly, she got her first marriage proposal from a homeless man while visiting the local homeless shelter in Inuvik.

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Dr. Beverly Rubik, Biophysicist, Energy Medicine Specialist, and Saybrook Faculty Member Presents Research Results on Human Blood at Nutrition Conference in the United Kingdom

Dr. Beverly Rubik Lecturing at Surrey, United Kingdom

The Weston A. Price Foundation held a European Conference from the 8th to 9th of February 2014 at Esher in Surrey, United Kingdom. This event was accredited by The Naturopathic Nutrition Association*, the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP), and the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT). This two day conference had a range of speakers from all over the world; from Kings College London to Saybrook University.   School of Mind-Body Medicine doctoral student Yasmin Headley attended the conference, and reports here on a presentation by Saybrook University instructor Beverly Rubik.

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Welcome to the Global Workplace: Saybrook Offers New MA in Management


Every business in the 21st century is becoming a global business: customers, supply chains, raw materials, and marketing are all part of an emerging world market of unprecedented complexity.

Companies need managers who can work with teams and cultures from across the world. These managers must be able to organize people and processes with equal fluency and bring out the best in diverse teams of people who may never meet face-to-face

Saybrook’s School of Organizational Leadership and Transformation is now offering an  MA in Management, specializing in Global Workforce Collaboration (pending WASC approval).  As both international businesses and non-profit organizations deal with rapid change in multiple countries and cultures at once, managers who understand how to integrate virtual teams with on-site offices across the world are highly prized.  

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Saybrook University announces cutting edge master’s degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition


We are what we eat, so it’s a big problem that Americans have a dysfunctional relationship with food.

But just telling people to “eat right” or “count calories” doesn’t work.  We know it, and our doctors have discovered it.  Yo-yo diets and food fads are even worse.

We need new approaches to nutrition, ways to integrate healthy habits and effective self-care into people’s lives, and do it in ways they’ll find personally meaningful.

That’s why Saybrook University’s School of Mind-Body Medicine is proud to announce a new MS degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition – a degree focusing on the ways we can combine the best in nutritional science and psychology to help people take control of their health by improving their relationship with food.

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Saybrook scholars – faculty, alumni, and students – to shine at the upcoming Society for Humanistic Psychology conference


Saybrook University was established by the founders of Humanistic Psychology as a way to carry their work into higher education.  It’s had legendary scholars in the field like Rollo May, Abraham Maslow, and Eleanor Criswell on its faculty.

So it’s no surprise that it has long been an established leader in the APA Division for Humanistic psychology.  Man of the division’s officers and presidents have been Saybrook faculty and alums.

Saybrook is poised to prove itself again this year, at the Society for Humanistic Psychology’s annual conference, held this year in Palo Alto, California, from March 13 - 16.  Many of the most exciting presentations will be led by members of the Saybrook community.

These include:

The application of humanistic principles in an urban medical setting:  not for the faint of heart – Theopia Jackson

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The Future of Integrative and Functional Nutrition and the New Saybrook University MS Degree in Nutrition -- Videoconference: April 9, 2014 | 5:30 - 6:30 PM PDT

Whole Foods and your Health


How can a health professional acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies for the emerging fields of integrative and functional nutrition? We are excited to announce that Saybrook University, already a leader in the field of Mind-Body Medicine and Integrative Health, is offering a unique new Master's Degree program in Integrative and Functional Nutrition to prepare students to successfully practice in this emerging area of healthcare. The degree will enroll its first cohort in August 2014, pending WASC approval. 

The curriculum has been designed to immerse students in the best of mainstream nutritional science and evidence-based approaches to integrative healthcare. Courses include health coaching, mindfulness and meditation, whole foods and culinary nutrition, dietary supplements and herbal medicine, laboratory assessment in functional nutrition, and clinical nutritional therapeutics based on integrative and functional medicine models. 

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Transformative Social Change Degree Program: Determining Prospective Student Interest


Saybrook University is considering development of a new M.A. and Ph.D. degree program in Transformative Social Change. As part of our review process, we would like to invite you to participate in a brief survey to determine prospective student interest in such a program. The survey should take less than two minutes to complete. The survey also provides a form you can use if you would like to inquire further about the program under consideration. To complete the survey, click on this link:

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