Creativity, Innovation and The Economy

Creativity, Innovation and Economy, 11/2013


1.) "If the 1% stifles New York's creative talent, I'm out of here" by David Byrne: Click here for article: "I'm writing this in Venice, Italy. This city is a pleasantly confusing maze, once an island of fortresses, and now a city of tourists, culture (biennales galore) and crumbling relics. Venice used to be the most powerful city in Europe – a military, mercantile and cultural leader. Sort of like New York."

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Creativity, Innovation and Economy, 3/2013

Carl Weins, The Wall Street Journal

1.) "The Experts: How Should Leaders Spur Innovation?" by Rosebeth Moss Kanter: Click here to read: "Leaders should get rid of the innovation stiflers—too much bureaucracy and hurdles to go through, unwillingness to support proposals unless they're sure things or loading people with so much work that they barely have time to think, let alone envision something new.

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Creativity and Business, 2/2013


1.) “What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Artists” by Tim Leberecht: Click here to read: "Andy Warhol knew it all along: "Good business is the best art." And lately, a number of business thinkers and leaders have begun to embrace the arts, not as an escapist notion, a parallel world after office hours, or a creative asset, but as an integral part of business -- from the management team to operations to customer service."

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Creativity, Innovation and The Economy, 12/2012


1.) Otis Report on the Creative Economy of the LA region, 2012: Click here to read report: "This is the first study to capture the monumental economic force of the creative industries in Southern California."        

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