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I'm new to this website. As a doctor who has been an advocate of mind body medicine and attempted to educate his colleagues about it, finding this university is like a breath of fresh air! :)

Dr. John Sarno was the first one to really inspire me to apply mind body medicine in my neurology practice, after a couple of years of being a "pain specialist" and getting frustrated with the effectiveness of my steroid injections and other treatment options. That has led me down many other paths, and five years later I am very thankful to have not only integrated mind body medicine into my conventional practice, but to also be on the verge of opening a holistic clinic that offers just mind body medicine, which can be found at

I noticed Dr. Shaffer does work with pelvic floor disorders. I highly recommend Abigail Steidley, who became a mind body coach after resolving her own pelvic pain disorder using a variety of different practices. She has helped many women understand the mind body connection and apply mind body practices in an effective manner. She also has a plethora of free resources on her website,, including an ebook and a blog.


Posted by Roger Gietzen MD (not verified) | 09/26/2013 @ 05:50 AM


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