Creativity and Affect, 3/2013

1.) "Regulating Our Emotions To Be More Creative pt. 1" by Douglas Eby: Click here to read: "How do you work with your strong emotions? Creative people experience a wide range and depth of intense emotions, and use that wealth of feeling to create artwork and performances."

pt. 2: "The idea of 'too much' – or at least unusually intense – thinking and emotion has been articulated by psychologist and psychiatrist Kazimierz Dabrowski, MD, PhD, who described creative and high ability people having over-excitabilities or intensity in five areas: intellectual, psychomotor, imaginational, emotional, or sensual."

pt. 3: "Psychologist Cheryl Arutt believes “the best way to protect the art is to protect the artist..."

2.) "How Emotional Connections Can Trigger Creativity and Learning" by Katrina Schwartz: Click here to read: "Students’ social and emotional reactions to learning are imperative to feeling motivated to learn and to their ability to creatively solve problems, according to Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, who wrote Musings on the Neurobiological and Evolutionary Origins of Creativity via a Developmental Analysis of One Child’s Poetry. Her research tries to understand why emotions are so important to learning by examining what happens to brain functions."

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