Creativity and Business, 2/2013

1.) “What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Artists” by Tim Leberecht: Click here to read: "Andy Warhol knew it all along: "Good business is the best art." And lately, a number of business thinkers and leaders have begun to embrace the arts, not as an escapist notion, a parallel world after office hours, or a creative asset, but as an integral part of business -- from the management team to operations to customer service."

2.) "The Reason Creative People Are Often Overlooked as Leaders" by Heidi Grant Holvorson: Click here to read: "Two candidates are being interviewed for a leadership position in your company. Both have strong resumes, but while one seems to be bursting with new and daring ideas, the other comes across as decidedly less creative (though clearly still a smart cookie). Who gets the job? "

3.) "Does Business Need the Arts to Be Innovative? Five Executives Weigh In" by Elysabeth Alfano: Click here to read: "There has been a lot of talk about the need for innovation in business lately. I am no market analyst; but, one need only look at the growth of Apple upon Steve Jobs' return to that company and his push for innovation to see just how critical innovation is to a healthy, competitive business model. As businesses struggle to remain on top and come out with products that corner and change the market place, I wonder where this innovation comes from? Is it simply that business executives try to hire creative people, who are also reliable, and accept the fact that, like having blue eyes or green eyes, some people are creative and some aren't? Or can creativity and innovative thinking be fostered?"

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