Creativity and Children, 3/2013

1.) "Not Your Imagination: Kids Today Really Are Less Creative, Study Says" by Rachael Rettner: Click here to read: "It sounds like the complaint of a jaded adult: Kids these days are narrow-minded and just not as creative as they used to be. But researchers say they are finding exactly that. In a 2010 study of about 300,000 creativity tests going back to the 1970s, Kyung Hee Kim, a creativity researcher at the College of William and Mary, found creativity has decreased among American children in recent years. "

2.) "Is Technology Sapping Children’s Creativity?" by Valerie Strauss: Click here to read: "The technology revolution has sparked a new debate about just how much parents should allow their young children to play with iPads, iPhones and other devices. Here’s a smart look at the issue by early childhood development expert Nancy Carlsson-Paige, a professor emerita of education at Lesley University in Cambridge, Ma., when she won the Embracing the Legacy Award from the Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps for work over several decades on behalf of children and families."

3.) Creativity Forum 2013 with Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg: Click here to listen: Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg discusses how creativity and resiliency are critical for preparing our children to thrive in an unpredictable world. Audio of presentation at Creativity Forum, February 8, 2013.

4.) "Despite Less Play, Children's Use of Imagination Increases Over Two Decades" by Science Daily: Click here to read: "Children today may be busier than ever, but Case Western Reserve University psychologists have found that their imagination hasn't suffered -- in fact, it appears to have increased.  Psychologists Jessica Dillon and Sandra Russ expected the opposite outcome when they analyzed 14 play studies that Russ conducted between 1985 and 2008."

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