Creativity and Design, 3/2013

Originally posted from Think Jar Collective
Originally posted from Think Jar Collective

1.) "Empathy in Creativity and Design Thinking" by Ben Weinlick: Click here to read: "The new RSA animate video, The Power of Outrospection is quite thought provoking and has gotten me  thinking about all kinds of links between empathy and creativity.In the video, philosopher Roman Krznaric explores the idea that we live in a time that demands more empathic adventurers in all aspects of life.  Empathy not just so we act better towards others, but also because it helps us create better innovations, services and quality of life.  I was struck by the video because I think there is something in the zeitgeist these days that highlights the importance of empathy for creating."

2.) "Make Something Awesome: Design Thinking and the Ivory Tower" by Mike WeikertClick here to read: "How can designers contribute to the critical assessment of urban heat islands, or the reduction of obesity rates in homeless children, or the development of a more effective assimilation process for refugees in the United States? To answer these questions, practicing designers and students must be able to effectively communicate and demonstrate the value of design in addressing social challenges and there must be a structure in place to support those seeking opportunities in this emerging space. So how and where should this happen? Design education is one place to start, and this is exactly what a group of eight graduate students in Baltimore are doing. They are part of the Master of Arts in Social Design at Maryland Institute College of Art and are working at the intersection of design and the social sector; re-imagining solutions to the challenges facing society."

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