Creativity and Education, 2/2014

1.) "LA schools arts budget: Most funds will go to 'arts integration' teachers​" by Mary Plummer": ​click here: "The Los Angeles Unified School District plans to increase spending on arts instruction by nearly $16 million over the next three years – but the majority of the new money will go to hire 101 “arts integration” teachers, trainers that will show classroom teachers how to integrate arts into academic lessons, officials said Thursday."

2.) "Learning to Think Outside the Box: Creativity Becomes an Academic Discipline" by Laura Pappano: click here: "The world may be full of problems, but students presenting projects for Introduction to Creative Studies have uncovered a bunch you probably haven’t thought of. Elie Fortune, a freshman, revealed his Sneaks ’n Geeks app to identify the brand of killer sneakers you spot on the street. Jason Cathcart, a senior, sported a bulky martial arts uniform with sparring pads he had sewn in. No more forgetting them at home.

3.) "Stem Needs a New Letter" by Jessica Lahey: click here: "In order to bridge the chasm between abstract idea and utility, some educators are advocating for an expansion of the popular STEM acronym—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, the list of skills many experts believe more students need. They believe STEM should include the letter 'A' for "art and design." As Margaret Honey, CEO of the New York Hall of Science commented in an STEAM workshop at the Rhode Island School of Design, "It’s not about adding on arts education. It’s about fundamentally changing education to incorporate the experimentation and exploration that is at the heart of effective education."


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