Creativity and People, 2/2013

Keith Yamasite | 99u.com
Keith Yamasite | 99u.com

1.) "Keith Yamasite: The 3 Habits of Great Creative Teams" by Behance: Click here to read: "When the your team is faced with adversity does it stand strong and act boldly or does it crumble under pressure? Based on his work with over 1000 teams, Keith Yamashita shares his insights about great collaborative environments including: have an awareness beyond your day-to-day, respect the unique talents of your team members, and actively cultivate meaningful one-on-one relationships."

2.) "Characteristics of Highly Creative People" by Jeffrey Paul Baumgartner: Click here to read: "There are a surprising number of blog posts about the characteristics of creative people. However, most of these seem to focus either on an idealized vision of an artist or the blog-writer’s idealized self-image! Here is my take on the characteristics of highly creative people. However, what I have done is looked at how creative people think -- based on my understanding of the latest research -- and applied it to behavior."

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