Creativity, Innovation and Economy, 2/2013

1.) "The Global Revolution" by Laura TysonClick here to read: "As countries around the world struggle to lay the foundations for stronger sustainable growth in the future, they would do well to focus on policies that encourage innovation. Empirical studies across time and countries confirm that innovation is the primary source of technological change and productivity growth. And investments in research and development, as well as in the scientific and engineering workforce on which they depend, are critical drivers of innovation and national competitiveness."

2.) "Putting a Price on the Value of Art" by Jane O'Brien: Click here to read: "Experts agree that arts and culture are an important part of the economy - but the precise relationship is complicated. As governments and organizations increasingly have to justify spending, the big question remains: does investment in the arts stimulate growth, or are the arts the product of economic development?"

3.) "The 3 Pillars of the Innovation Economy" by Faisal Hoque: Click here to read: "In his 1942 book, Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy, economist Joseph Schumpeter introduced the notion of an innovation economy. He argued that evolving institutions, entrepreneurs, and technological changes were at the heart of economic growth. But it is only in recent years that “innovation economy,” grounded in Schumpeter’s ideas, has become a mainstream concept."

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