Creativity, Innovation and Economy, 3/2013

Carl Weins, The Wall Street Journal
Carl Weins, The Wall Street Journal

1.) "The Experts: How Should Leaders Spur Innovation?" by Rosebeth Moss Kanter: Click here to read: "Leaders should get rid of the innovation stiflers—too much bureaucracy and hurdles to go through, unwillingness to support proposals unless they're sure things or loading people with so much work that they barely have time to think, let alone envision something new. Innovation springs from a culture that encourages everyone to come forth with new ideas, however small, and then provides the time and seed money to develop it."

2.) "Imagination: What You Need To Thrive In The Future Economy" by Drew Hansen: Click here to read: "In this interview, Rita explains the need to design machines that preserve our humanity and suggests ways to prepare for the Imagination Age, a major economic shift that’s already underway."

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