Encyclopedia of Creativity Named Outstanding Academic Title by the American Library Association

Saybrook University is proud to announce that the second edition of the Encyclopedia of Creativity has been selected as an “Outstanding academic Title” by the American Library Association.

The selection was made by “Choice,” an ALA publication that serves as a resource to those in higher education. Less than 10 percent of the over 7,000 works considered are given this distinction.

Widely seen as the outstanding sourcebook for specialized information about creativity in all its aspects, The Encyclopedia of Creativity, now in its second edition, is edited by Dr. Mark Runco and Dr. Steven Pritzker, both internationally recognized experts in the study of creativity. Dr. Pritzker also serves as the Director of the Creativity Studies program at Saybrook University, perhaps the premier program in the field.

Long recognized as an important element in mental health, creativity is increasingly recognized as a key driver in the global economy as well: perhaps no question is more important to businesses in every sector of the economy than “how do we drive innovation?”

The Encyclopedia of Creativity covers areas including factors that enhance creativity, areas that motivate creativity, and creativity in a variety of contexts, from daily life to the board room to the arts. A particular emphasis has been taken to include the contributions of women to the arts and study of creativity; their contributions have often been overlooked in the past.

"This recognition of the Encyclopedia of Creativity reinforces our goal of making creativity an important topic of conversation,” Dr. Pritzker said. “We need to understand how to approach the increasingly complex and challenging problems of the world with exciting new ideas. The goal of both the Encyclopedia of Creativity and our program at Saybrook University is to encourage understanding and practical application of creativity in all aspects of society.

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