Enhancing Creativity

99H by Behance
99H by Behance

1.) “7 Creativity Tips from a Top Mathematician” by Hillary Harkness: Click here to read: "As an undergraduate, I studied calculus and physics; when I became an artist, I remained fascinated with the question of what artists and mathematicians can learn from one another. That's why I wanted to talk with mathematician Steven Strogatz, the New York Times columnist and author of the new book, The Joy of X..." 

2.) “10 Awesome Videos on Idea Execution and The Creative Process” by Jocelyn K. Glei: Click here to read: “At 99%, we try to demystify the creative process. To show you the real inner-workings of how ideas are made to happen by sharing the thought processes and creative practices of great achievers. Here, with the help of our readers, we've rounded up some of the best videos on idea execution from artists, writers, designers, storytellers, researchers, and chocolatiers.”

3.) “John Cleese on the 5 Factors to Make Your Life More Creative” by Maria Popova: Click here to read: "Much has been said about how creativity works, its secrets, its origins, and what we can do to optimize ourselves for it. In this excerpt from his fantastic 1991 lecture, John Cleese offers a recipe for creativity, delivered with his signature blend of cultural insight and comedic genius."

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