Read an excerpt from Ruth Richard’s book “Everyday Creativity!”

Ruth Richards
Ruth Richards

Artists don’t have a monopoly on creativity.  Saybrook faculty member Ruth Richards can tell you:  she’s done the research.

One of the leading researchers on creativity today, her work specializes in the creativity that every human being uses, and needs, to get through their lives.  The kind of creativity that lets us find a shorter commute or make a better sandwich … or change the course of our lives.

Her 2011 book “Everyday Creativity” explores what this kind of fundamental creativity is, how we develop it, and how we use it to be healthier and happier. 

Read a brief excerpt here.

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This is VINTAGE Ruth Richards. (She is the best.) Eric J. Lindblom PhD

Posted by Anonymous | 05/02/2012 @ 08:29 AM