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New interactive digital tool launched for social transformation initiatives online

Last week, Amnesty International launched an innovative digital tool that connects people to a global conversation on poverty, social transformation, and human rights.

Respect My Rights is an online platform that aims to engage and inspire educators and young people to learn about and take action against the human rights violations and abuses that deepen and drive poverty.

On the site, you can access two interactive learning journeys:

1.        “The Poverty Trap” asks young people to make choices from the perspective of someone living in poverty, helping them realize that human rights are vital to breaking the cycle of poverty.

2.        “The Housing Journey” explores what it means to live in adequate housing.

As a valuable new resource for those interested in using interactive online media for social change, encourages a process of collective learning and taking action online. The site was built upon participatory learning methodologies - a user-centered experience where everyone has a voice. In the action section - called the "Scrapbook" - users can offer their thoughts and describe what they're doing to address poverty, either in their own country or in solidarity with others worldwide.

The platform has been developed by the International Human Rights Education Team in conjunction with Amnesty International offices in Poland, Italy and Slovenia as part of the Education for Human Dignity Project co-funded by the European Commission and is available in six languages: English, French, Spanish, Polish, Slovenian and Italian.

Be part of a global movement against poverty now: Respect My Rights! 



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