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Interview with Saybrook Creativity Studies Student Diana Rivera

Diana Rivera

Diana Rivera is a third year student in the Masters to Ph.D Creativity Studies program at Saybrook University. She is currently working on her Master's Thesis.

Tell us a little about your background.

I am a performing artist with extensive training and professional experience in acting, writing and producing for theatre. I wrote and produced shows while I lived in San Francisco. I also use to produce visual art and entertainments events (film festivals, award programs, exhibits). At this point, I do a lot of creative writing--children’s stories, scripts for TV and film concepts that I may or may not produce in the future. I love to create collage art. Professionally, I also provide professional development coaching to creative professionals.

What made you decide to apply to the Creativity Studies program at Saybrook University?

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Call for Papers: MIC Conference 2013


The MIC Conference 2013 will be held September 29 to October 1, 2013 in Bologna, Italy. The event will be held in conjunction with the celebration for the Marconi Prize 2013, the top international award for inventors in the field of Information and Communication Technologies, promoted by the Marconi Society. 

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Upcoming Event: Creative Indiana

Creative Indiana


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Creativity, Innovation and Economy, 3/2013

Carl Weins, The Wall Street Journal

1.) "The Experts: How Should Leaders Spur Innovation?" by Rosebeth Moss Kanter: Click here to read: "Leaders should get rid of the innovation stiflers—too much bureaucracy and hurdles to go through, unwillingness to support proposals unless they're sure things or loading people with so much work that they barely have time to think, let alone envision something new.

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Upcoming Conference in May, 2013


Storyville: Exploring narratives of learning and teaching, the 2nd annual HEA Arts and Humanities conference, 2013

It is happening May 29- May 30, 2013. Click here for more information.

The Higher Education Academy’s second annual learning and teaching Arts and Humanities conference, ‘Storyville: Exploring narratives of learning and teaching.'

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Creativity and Education, 3/2013


1.) "Before the Hole in the Wall: A Q&A with 2013 TED Prize Winner Sugata Mitra": Click here to watch: "At TED2013, Mitra invited the world to embrace child-driven learning bysetting up Self-Organized Learning Environments (SOLEs) and helping him design a learning lab in India, where children can “embark on intellectual adventures.”

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Creativity and Children, 3/2013


1.) "Not Your Imagination: Kids Today Really Are Less Creative, Study Says" by Rachael Rettner: Click here to read: "It sounds like the complaint of a jaded adult: Kids these days are narrow-minded and just not as creative as they used to be. But researchers say they are finding exactly that.

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Creativity and Affect, 3/2013


1.) "Regulating Our Emotions To Be More Creative pt. 1" by Douglas Eby: Click here to read: "How do you work with your strong emotions? Creative people experience a wide range and depth of intense emotions, and use that wealth of feeling to create artwork and performances."

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Stanley Krippner releases new book on legendary Native American shaman Rolling Thunder

The Voice of Rolling Thunder

To the 1960s counter-culture, Rolling Thunder was a friend of Bob Dylan, an inspiration for the Billy Jack films, and an activist.

But to the Native tribes he served, Rolling Thunder was a healer, teacher, visionary – and even a prophet.

Saybrook University psychologist Stanley Kripper, a world-renowned expert on shamanism, has teemed up with Rolling Thunder’s grandson, Sidian Morning Star Jones, to produce a book that reconciles the two sides of Rolling Thunder’s life and presents previously unreleased teachings that were preserved by the Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart.

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Educating for Creativity


National Creativity Network presents Educating for Creativity with Dr. Robert Kelly

March 21, 2013 at noon-1pm EST

Click here to listen to webinar

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