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Photo by Basil D Soufi

The LIOS School of Saybrook University relies on alumni to help keep our doors open.  No matter what your current contribution level is, you can easily increase your gift by almost $45,000 – at no cost to you.  How? 

Send a student to LIOS

Our statistics show that the vast majority of students who attend and complete one of our programs, don’t stumble upon us in an online search or pick up our flyer at a college fair.  They seek us out because they know someone who’s been to LIOS, perhaps a friend, a family member, or a colleague.  They see a skillful consultant at work, a therapist opens up their hidden potential, or they observe a transformation in a friend and they want to know where it comes from.   Having experience with a LIOS graduate trumps every other recruitment tool we have.  Even a single conversation with a LIOS graduate can plant a seed and, and sooner or later LIOS will reap the bounty.

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