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The College of Mind-Body Medicine Certificate for Health and Wellness Coaching

Pursuing Personal Transformation and Achievement
Pursuing Personal Transformation and Achievement

This College of Mind-Body Medicine Certificate provides a comprehensive training in health and wellness coaching.  The Certificate includes five key courses, four residential conferences, and a capstone integrative essay.

Mind-Body Medicine: an Overview -- this course begins with the Center Mind-Body   Medicine (CMBM) initial mind-body medicine training, introducing the student to a   specific model for imparting mind-body skills in a group process format. The training takes place in conjunction with the College of Mind-Body Medicine Fall 2012 RC. Students continue with eight weeks of online learning, reading and research on mind-body medicine, and supervised practice with volunteers.

Imagery for Healing – this course reviews the place of imagery and the imagination in traditional healing practices, and the applications of imagery in healthcare. Students review the experimental evidence for the impact of imagery on immune function, neurochemistry, and medical illness. Students learn to utilize imagery as a diagnostic tool, as a medical rehearsal for coping, and as a therapeutic tool for medical illness and emotional disorders. Students complete a two day residential training, as well as related readings, online discussion, and course assignments.

Coaching for Health and Wellness - This course provides students with an overview of the wellness field and coaching profession, an understanding of the    principles of health and wellness coaching, an introduction to the science of lasting behavior change, and mentored practice in all of the core coaching skills and competencies defined by the International Coach Federation. This course reviews research documenting the effectiveness of health and wellness coaching in corporate wellness programs, hospitals, clinical practices, and through independent wellness coaching partnerships. The course includes a three day residential conference and online learning.

Advanced Health and Wellness Coaching – this course introduces a variety of advanced techniques for health and wellness coaching..  Students learn to use a number of assessment tools to help facilitate awareness and accountability in the coaching partnership. They hone basic coaching skills and refine their process coaching skills, allowing them to better support their clients in moving through resistance and fears. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of establishing their own coaching practice, as well as connected to professional organizations that will provide networking and continuing education opportunities. The course includes a residential conference and online learning.

Coaching Practicum: Supervision – this course provides advanced supervised experiential learning and skills development in health and wellness coaching. It also provides regular online and video-conference call contact and mentoring with faculty and fellow coaching certificate students.

The final one credit course consists of a capstone integrative essay, conducted by a member of the coaching faculty of the College of Mind-Body Medicine, along with a Graduate Colloquium process with a mentor, which guides the individual throughout the certificate. 

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