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College of Mind-Body Medicine Student Describes Center for Mind-Body Medicine Certification: Introducing Michelle Lamasa-Schrader

Michele Lamasa-Schrader with her Group at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine
Michele Lamasa-Schrader with her Group at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine

[All students in the Saybrook Graduate College of Mind-Body Medicine Complete the CMBM Professional Training Program, the Advanced Training Program, and a supervision sequence guiding them to conduct mind-body skills groups. Each of these elements is included in a required course in the College of Mind-Body Medicine masters’ and doctoral degree programs. The students then have an option to complete additional CMBM supervision on their own, and attend the Advanced Training Program a second time, in order to earn Certification from the Center. Michelle Lamasa-Schrader describes her experience with this certification process].

The journey through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s certification program has been an interesting and enriching experience that I will treasure always. While attending the initial training and advanced trainings through the Center, I was inspired and compelled to move in the direction of certification because the skills had been transforming in my own life. The growth that began to happen personally was amazing to me. I found myself looking and feeling better as a result of simply practicing the mind-body skills. I was better able to handle academic rigor, my family life, and work with greater ease, feeling at peace, and balanced much more frequently.

The experience of running a mind-body skills group and receiving supervision were invaluable in enabling me to grow in confidence, knowledge, and resources. I had never run a group before, but the experience helped me begin to hone new skills and to fully incorporate the mind-body skills in my own life. The additional one-to-one supervision facilitated a new level of awareness and provided direction so that I could capitalize on my strengths and begin to strengthen my weaknesses.

The second experience of the Advanced Training Program was the icing on the cake. Having completed two groups, supervision, research papers, and self-reflection, I thought there could not be much more that I could learn in the process. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how much more I gained from the second advanced training. This time, the focus was not on learning the material, but rather, the focus was on allowing my own creativity to enter into the process of teaching the skills and adding a “touch of me” to the process. There was a sense of camaraderie, much encouragement, and it was a wonderful experience learning and being validated in my uniqueness, as well as, being challenged to continue to grow. (See the photo of Michele with James Gordon and her group at the Advanced Training Program).  I came away feeling a tremendous sense of excitement, encouraged to bring the skills to others, and to grow in my own health and wellness journey. It is an amazing experience and I’m grateful for having had the opportunity.

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